Alice is a mysterious character in Genshin Affect. Numerous voice traces point out her, primarily from Klee and Albedo (who’re nearer to her than others). Gamers heard her voice in the course of the first midsummer occasion, an elaborate plan to get these closest to Klee to relaxation and have enjoyable. Since then, she’s been talked about off-hand by a couple of totally different characters. Now, with this 12 months’s Windblume celebration, she sheds extra gentle on a mysterious gathering of mages.

Right here’s the whole lot we learn about Alice.

She’s Klee and Albedo’s Mom (Adoptive, within the Case of the Latter)

That is primarily the way you’ll first learn about her. In fact, being her little one, Klee’s voice traces characteristic her prominently. From being taught explosives to mentioning that she’s touring together with her father, Klee’s traces and character tales are peppered with mentions of her. It’s acceptable, because the littlest knight remains to be a baby (about 9-ish years outdated). It’s no surprise Alice is throughout her profile.

As for Albedo, his creator and mom (and trainer) requested him to seek for the ‘fact of this world’ and despatched him to Alice. The latter took him underneath her wing, adopting him as a giant brother for Klee earlier than leaving on her journey.

As a little-known apart, she additionally adopted Diluc as a son (unofficially). It’s as a result of he handled Klee nicely after the Ragnvindr tragedy. This was revealed in the course of the occasion of his pores and skin’s launch. One of many letters addressed to Diluc was from her. In it, she noticed how kindly he handled Klee at the same time as she ruined a portion of the winery. She then says she adopts him as a son even when she will’t substitute his father.

She Wrote the Teyvat Journey Information

It’s an eccentric piece of studying, with many tangents diverting from being an excellent journey information. Nonetheless, it’s a glance into the nations within the not-so-distant(?*) previous. Nonetheless, there are fascinating tidbits in regards to the international locations between her ramblings about experiments and different associated subjects.

Throughout these explorations, she was accompanied by every kind of characters. The Knights have been a default in Mondstadt. Zhongli accompanied her in Liyue, the place she described him as a stern however educated man. In Inazuma, she frolicked with the Naganoharas and ‘by chance’ blew up the Imperial Palace’s kitchen.

*It isn’t obvious when she explored and wrote the information. It’s latest sufficient that many playable characters are referenced but in addition lengthy sufficient that some issues have modified within the interim. Jean is probably not the Appearing Grand Grasp, however Rex Lapis is already in his Zhongli guise. Additionally, you’ll be able to meet the stuttering Liyue guard who mentions her, so it couldn’t be that way back.

She has a Lengthy Lifespan/isn’t a Human

It’s a attribute she shares with the Traveler. The latter has a obscure age however has to have been asleep throughout their sibling’s exploits in Khaenri’ah. Their twin woke them up as the traditional kingdom fell into smash after which fell unconscious once more because of the Sustainer of the Heavenly Rules stopping their escape. They woke 500 years afterward after a troubled sleep crammed with nightmares.

Now, a case may very well be made for the sleep to have put them in stasis, however how would you clarify the sibling wanting like nothing had modified? The Traveler is famous to be older than they appear, sufficient to argue about being allowed to drink alcohol.

Alice has an analogous prolonged lifespan, as she is among the oldest members of the Hexenzirkel. The human members have all died or handed on their positions to their successors. Nonetheless, Alice remains to be lively and youthful-sounding (as we haven’t seen her in individual but). Klee is famous to have inherited this longevity although we don’t know her father’s structure.

Alice has seen extra of Teyvat’s historical past firsthand, not simply by way of the Ley Strains. She would possibly’ve witnessed the autumn of Khaenri’ah, however we don’t know her opinions on it or that her good friend ‘Gold’ is among the components that induced it.

She is A part of the Hexenzirkel

It’s a mysterious gathering of mages. Lisa mentions it in her line about Mona, referencing the latter’s apprenticeship to ‘B.’ It’s additionally talked about in one in every of Barbara’s character tales, which explicitly says Alice is an elder of the group.

Lisa mentions that they do Irminsul exploration and formal tea events. She was invited to take part, however contemplating her causes for leaving the Akademiya, she refused. This was all we knew about this gathering till the 2023 Windblume occasion.

The final quest of the talked about occasion, ‘Pleasure Above the Clouds,’ shed extra gentle on the group. Alice describes it as a gathering of her greatest pals she spent her youth with, they usually typically collect collectively for tea events. The Hexenzirkel consists of eight mages (although there are solely seven seats on the desk):

  • Alice (A), the ‘one who would by no means lie’
  • Barbeloth (B), the one who teaches Mona and a grasp Hydromancer
  • I. Ivanovna N. (J), a human lengthy useless, Scarlett is one in every of her distant successors
  • Andersdotter (M), ‘a legend that by no means ends,’ a human fairy story author
  • Nicole (N), the ‘information that can by no means get misplaced’
  • Rhinedottir (R), ‘a flower that’s not of this world,’ the alchemist ‘Gold’ and Albedo’s creator and mom
  • Two different unnamed members

The Irminsul exploration a part of their actions is linked to Spantamad’s space of analysis. This influenced Lisa’s views in regards to the group and why she didn’t wish to be a part of. At any price, they’re educated about many issues however are secretive about them.

She’s Possible a Descender, Too (Spoilers for Archon Quests)

In case you’ve completed the search ‘Inversion of Genesis,’ you recognize that the Descenders aren’t native to Teyvat. They exist outdoors of the world’s legal guidelines and are unaffected by them. The first marker that differentiates the Traveler is that they’re not affected by the edits to the knowledge in Irminsul.

They might bear in mind Rukkhadevata even after details about her was purged to clear the corruption in Irminsul. Additionally, they may bear in mind who the Wanderer was after he tried deleting himself. Conversely, even Nahida wasn’t capable of bear in mind these two, having needed to depend on obfuscation to remind herself after the actual fact for the latter.

(Spoilers finish right here.)

One factor that factors to Alice’s standing as one is Barbara’s Idol Journal story. In it, Alice provides her {a magazine} with idols, and Barbara doesn’t appear to acknowledge it. The elder did so, introducing her to the idea of stardom, which didn’t exist in Teyvat earlier than this.

Contemplating this, it’s possible that she is aware of in regards to the first two characters talked about, who’ve since been forgotten by Teyvat. She’s doubtless conscious of it, as they’re linked to the Ley Strains and Irminsul.

She narrated Aloy’s (an Outlander) and Wanderer’s (for spoiler causes) Collected Miscellany movies. It’s robust proof that she’s a Descender as a result of Dainsleif wouldn’t know in regards to the latter, and Aloy presently has no place within the story. Whereas she additionally narrates Dori’s video, that’s as a result of Alice provides the service provider with uncommon wares.

It differs from Nicole (the information) as a result of N doesn’t know what modified, solely that one thing did. Alice is conscious of what precisely occurred.

Additionally, her function because the guardian of Teyvat’s Borders means she interacts with the world’s boundaries. She might additionally deliver again objects from different places past these traces (Idol Journal, the Rubicon was quoted by Zhiqiong). She’s been bringing concepts from numerous worlds that in the event you see or hear one thing that confuses common residents of Teyvat, it’s most likely from her.

Why is Being a Descender a Huge Deal?

Descenders play a big function in Teyvat’s lengthy historical past. Based on legends, the primary (the Primordial One) was the one who made the human world separate from the darkness realm (Abyss) and the fundamental realm (Vishap/gentle realm). Then got here the ‘Second Who Got here’ who challenged the Primordial One’s ‘reign’ over the Human area. It’s unmentioned who received, however the first Descender needed to cut up into 4 shades.

Judging by these two Descenders, they’ve the powers of ‘gods,’ sufficient to create complete new realms and cut up into 4 highly effective beings. After we acknowledge the Primordial One, the Second who got here, and the Traveler as Descenders, all have the potential to turn out to be highly effective past perception. The Traveler isn’t there but, however you already noticed inklings of it.

They’ll use the weather with no Imaginative and prescient, and slowly they’re studying to make use of two or extra of them in battle. The latter is most evident of their struggle towards Childe, the place they used each Geo and Anemo at a particular second within the cutscene. Apart from that, they’d precise wings, and their powers (earlier than being taken away) glowed white.

In fact, we are able to’t do that (but) on account of gameplay limitations. Nonetheless, as their energy grows, they are going to match the opposite Descenders in energy.

Alice matches the others in energy within the hypothetical however doubtless situation that she is a Descender. Venti describes her as nigh-omnipotent, implying she’s extra highly effective than an Archon. Okay, the elder isn’t doing something world-changing. Nonetheless, she has sufficient energy to make mechanisms within the Golden Apple Archipelago that might drain the ocean or elevate the islands. Additionally, regardless of being away, she in some way retains watch of the occasions in Mond to oversee her little one. It’s how she is aware of who Klee is closest to and all her pals.

Look Ahead to Assembly Alice!

Her presence in Teyvat means many issues for the lore, and she or he may very well be a treasure trove of data. Apart from her analysis in Irminsul, she has seen and skilled many issues in her lengthy life in Teyvat, and that’s one thing lore lovers would wish to decide at.

Apart from, if the latest patterns of character releases are something to go by, she might finally be a playable character. Granted, her solely ‘About Alice’ is from Dori, who she provides with uncommon wares, however even one is sufficient to foreshadow an eventual launch. That doesn’t imply it’s 100% particular, although.

Nonetheless, the Traveler having the ability to discuss to her ought to be a gold mine of lore tidbits. She’ll be cagey and received’t give info straight, however something from her might be precious. Additionally, assembly this mysterious mage and mom would lastly be a aid.


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