Whereas exploring the alpine highlands of Navia Bay in Tower of Fantasy, you would possibly come upon an deserted truck overlooking the massive inlet and the floating Cetus Island overhead. This truck’s inside compartment comprises a Provide Pod that may be looted for EXP, Gold, Navia Exploration Progress, Darkish Crystals, and a Black Nucleus. Nevertheless, earlier than you’ll be able to acquire these beneficial assets, you will need to decipher the password for the Digital Lock stopping outsiders from accessing the car’s loot.

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Unlocking the Navia Bay deserted truck in Tower of Fantasy

Navia Bay abandoned truck Map Location in Tower of Fantasy
Screenshot by Gamepur

To determine the password for the deserted truck within the Navia Bay area of Tower of Fantasy, you want to climb atop the compartment and work together with the Password Reminiscence to entry a touch for the keycode from the enter backup log. The reminiscence will learn, “The primary, second, and fourth digits are all the identical; the third digit is 0.” In different phrases, the doable password for the lock could possibly be “5505,” “3033,” or “9099.” Nevertheless, if you happen to work your method up from “1101,” you’ll rapidly discover out that the right password for the Navia Bay deserted car in Tower of Fantasy is “2202.”

Suppose you might be struggling to find the deserted truck in Navia Bay. In that case, you’ll be able to simply discover it by fast-traveling in Tower of Fantasy to the Spacerift: North Seventh Day Forest, which sits north of the Banges Omnium Tower. On the slope the place the Spacerift is positioned, face west to see the truck up the hill. Nevertheless, be aware when approaching the locked compartment, as a Treasure Guard and Densya can be guarding the doorway. After utilizing the code above to loot the Provide Pod inside, you will discover an simply accessible Scenic Level on the ledge to the proper of the Navia Bay deserted truck in Tower of Fantasy. This Scenic Level is of The Selga and can advance your development of your World Exploration in Navia. 


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