Chapter 5: The Northern Wastes


On this part, the PCs are going to be the scouts/superior power for troops despatched into the titular area to search out out what the villain from the earlier chapter was after. The PCs don’t begin off understanding the precise location they’re heading. At numerous spots on the map of the Northern Wastes, they’ll encounter totally different characters and areas that may give them extra data, which finally leads them the place they wish to go.

These areas don’t require a particular order, anticipate that the PCs can’t pinpoint their closing location till they collect some clues. Among the areas could also be discoverable, however are extra helpful to go to as soon as the PCs have a job to do at that location, from an NPC.

Usually talking, that is one other instance of the form of recreation design I like in a narrative that has particular targets. You are attempting to do a factor, however the order during which you full the duties that put together you or lead you to the subsequent factor permits you some company.

Visitor Stars

The PCs get their probability to fulfill their subsequent well-known Dragonlance NPC on this part, and I like that the circumstances of assembly them doesn’t lead you to assume “they need to be doing X,” or “why don’t they full this themselves?” It’s additionally one other good callback to operating into individuals from a few of the different areas of Krynn which were devastated by the Conflict of the Lance, and the way some individuals shall be dodgier about explaining their circumstances than others.

Whereas there are nonetheless some “echoes” of the unique Dragonlance adventures on this part, issues like excavating misplaced archaeological websites for historic relics and the Pink Dragonarmy having camps arrange for this undoubtedly call to mind Raiders of the Misplaced Ark.

One factor I haven’t talked about as a lot within the earlier chapters, however which has been true, and continues on this chapter, is that NPCs you’re more likely to spend a while roleplaying with have full Trait/Ultimate/Bond/Flaw sections to information you. There’s one other supernatural present as treasure on this part (see earlier chapters, however sure, I like utilizing these).

Order of Battle

Virtually the entire encounters both need the PCs to be scouting forward of the troops, or to solely have a handful of troops with them. So what’s the payoff for bringing a military? The “transition encounter” that takes place on the location the PCs want to search out the clues for is closely dug in with Pink Dragonarmy troops, which supplies the journey one other alternative for “skirmish with particular guidelines” or “play the board recreation” decision.

One factor I discover fascinating since I don’t have the board recreation, is that the a part of the journey telling you to play by means of this state of affairs doesn’t say “Should you win” or “in the event you survive” go to the subsequent chapter, it simply form of assumes you’ll after the state of affairs.

Different “plot advancing” eventualities haven’t stated you may’t proceed to the subsequent part of the journey in the event you lose, however they’ve included some form of profit in the event you win the state of affairs. On this case, I assume you simply play to generate narrative particulars?

The ultimate skirmish for the PCs, in the event that they don’t use the board recreation, includes looking for a passage on a battle map that has the identical border space that simulates mass fight results, and has particular combat-related occasions that may set off.

A number of issues I needed to throw in from the long-term Dragonlance fan perspective, as issues I don’t assume are fallacious, however could be higher “flavored” to Dragonlance

  • The very first thing is the Spawning Shard, which is expounded to chaos, which suggests in Dragonlance phrases, it’s a gem that might be associated to Chaos, that means perhaps simply give you some technique to clarify that this stone might need been created utilizing the Greygem’s magic in historic days.

  • The opposite factor of word for some die-hard Dragonlance followers is that there are lots fewer designated separate planes of existence, at the very least from the standpoint of the mortals looking on the planes.

  • Principally, you’ve gotten The Gray (Etherial, and so forth.), The Elemental Planes, The Astral Aircraft, The Dome of Creation (Good Outer Aircraft), The Hidden Vale (Impartial Outer Aircraft), and The Abyss (Evil Outer Aircraft).

So, if you wish to preserve from stepping into planar discussions along with your long-term Dragonlance-loving good friend, you may at all times simply truncate references to the Shadowfell and the Feywild into points of The Gray.


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