CrimsonWing692h in the past(Edited 2h in the past)

They’re not. Look, let’s be actual, this grew to become a fanboy battle. If Sony was buying Activision/Blizzard it’d be praises galore. Microsoft didn’t even method Activision, Activision actually got here to Microsoft in regards to the acquisition.

As a substitute all I see is Microsoft dangerous for the trade, blah blah blah. And Sony is simply involved for a single fu**ing franchise. They couldn’t give two sh*ts in regards to the different IPs.

No person right here is aware of what a monopoly is, but they throw it out. No person right here is aware of about regulation, I imply Geezus I actually needed to clarify discovery in one other matter the place individuals had been saying Sony doesn’t have to point out proof in courtroom to again their declare. Nicely, shock shock the rattling choose thinks they do they usually now should.

You suppose individuals purchase PlayStations for COD alone? No, they don’t and if Microsoft will get COD huge quantities of individuals aren’t going to rapidly flock over to Xbox ONLY. They’ll in all probability purchase an Xbox JUST for COD and play all the pieces else on Sony or purchase it on PC.

Pay attention, I personal the large 3. PS5 is my primarily and can in all probability keep that approach as a result of their exclusives smoke Xbox’s, however for chrissakes hearken to the analysts once they say this deal goes by and there’s nothing unlawful about it. Cease being fanboys, perform a little research, and open your eyes.


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