Interested in RPGs exterior of the world’s oldest roleplaying sport? This Solid within the Darkish Bundle of Holding is a good begin, if you happen to hurry.

Searching for a brand new sport? In the event you like thieves, hackers, and area vagabonds, the Solid within the Darkish Bundle of Holding has the whole lot you’re on the lookout for.

And with this bundle, not solely are you able to get greater than $100 value of RPG books for a music, you additionally assist help RPG designers as a portion of the proceeds goes to the Diana Jones Award Rising Designer Program, which helps amplify the voices of up-and-coming sport designers.

Solid within the Darkish Bundle of Holding – $12.95 / $26.93

The Solid within the Darkish Bundle options many video games that descend from the originator of the Solid within the Darkish framework: Blades within the Darkish.

“Blades is among the most acclaimed and influential RPGs of the previous decade. Within the night-shrouded metropolis of Doskvol (AKA Duskwall), your crew of scoundrels pulls heists and settles scores to rise by the underworld hierarchy. There are chases, bloody skirmishes, occult mysteries, harmful bargains, and riches available – if you happen to’re daring sufficient to grab them.”

Accompanying the unique core e-book, are a number of different video games designed from the Solid System Reference Doc.

So whether or not you need the gaslamps of Doskvol, the Bizarre West, cyberpunk dystopia, post-apocalyptic wasteland, or the fringes of area. For $12.95 you get the core assortment, which is 4 books that provide you with the whole lot you want for enjoying Blades within the Darkish. Price an estimated $44!

However for $26.93 you may stage up the gathering and increase your horizons, with 5 different full video games. Which is a further $77:

  • Band of Blades – Mercenary fantasy
  • Scum & Villainy – Sci-Fi rogues
  • Hack the Planet – Cyberpunk hijinks
  • A Fistful of Darkness – Bizarre west
  • Glow within the Darkish – Publish-apocalyptic funtimes

However time is operating out. There are solely about two days left to seize this bundle.

Test it out when you can!


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