Cammy's new design features a Union Jack coat, bared midriff, and yoga pants.

Picture: Capcom / Kotaku

Yesterday throughout Sony’s State of Play showcase, the combating recreation neighborhood witnessed three character reveal trailers for Road Fighter 6. I say three, but when we’re being trustworthy with ourselves, the one avenue fighter who’s on anybody’s thoughts is one Cammy White. So let’s depend the numerous ways in which Cammy’s reveal left players smiling.


As you may see from the trailer above, Road Fighter 6’s roster will embrace the stalwart standby Zangief, a newcomer named Lily, and the aforementioned Ms. White. Though the final look of those street combatants has been frequent data for some time on account of the sport’s leaked character artwork hitting the interwebs, many Cammy appreciators each previous and new are saying the leaks didn’t do her new threads sufficient justice.

As an alternative of rocking her classic twin tails and inexperienced leotard, SF6 Cammy is sporting a brief bob, Union Jack jacket, and yoga pants. Whereas deviations on an iconic look sometimes ruffle gamer feathers, people on-line completely adore Cammy’s new digs. Twitter consumer UltimaShadow X identified how Cammy’s SF6 streetwear is yet one more instance of online game character designs ‘[getting] hotter” once they get further articles of clothes.

Eagle-eyed followers have additionally seen a nifty new anime reference. Twitter consumer Combating-Video games Day by day noticed a brand new, knee-breaking throw in Cammy’s arsenal, and the wince-inducing new transfer is definitely a reference to the identical throw she did within the 1994 anime movie Road Fighter II: The Animated Film.

Elsewhere, different followers appear thrilled to listen to that Cammy’s English-language voice actor, Caitlin Glass, is as soon as once more supplying the lethal Brit’s strains.

One final transient snippet of Cammy’s SF6 trailer that’s been making the rounds on Twitter doesn’t depict any of the particular forces agent’s killer kicks, however a selected idle animation, particularly her very exaggerated again stretches. Horndog bait for certain, and probably the beginning of a brand new development à la the Responsible Gear Try “Jack-O problem” that swept Twitter again in 2021. This one seems a bit simpler, at the very least. Fan artwork is already beginning to proliferate:

All advised, the UK gal’s revamp has left a really optimistic impression on the Road Fighter neighborhood. Although the actual check of her affect shall be if Cammy mains within the States begin placing gravy on their chips.


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