The Mirage Gown is a brand new weapon in Vampire Survivors’ Legacy of Moonspell DLC. It’s not a weapon that’s obtainable to start with, and would require plenty of steps. Its utility would possibly depart rather a lot to be desired, however it works properly with different weapons. In the event you learn to use it and tips on how to evolve it, the Mirage Gown generally is a highly effective weapon for gamers who like to maneuver.

In the event you shouldn’t have the Legacy of Moonspell DLC, the Mirage Gown won’t ever present up in your weapon choice. Guarantee you have got the DLC bought and put in earlier than trying to get the Mirage Gown and its evolution.

The way to unlock and procure the Mirage Gown

The Mirage Gown is the default weapon of Babi-Onna, who should be unlocked by way of a sequence of steps. You should have discovered Miang Moonspell’s coffin and unlocked them as a personality. Use Miang to unlock and evolve the Silver Wind weapon, which unlocks Menya Moonspell as a personality. Unlock and evolve the 4 Seasons weapon with Menya Moonspell and also you unlock Syuuto Moonspell.

Syuuto Moonspell lets you entry the Summon Evening weapon. Unlock and evolve the Summon Evening weapon and Babi-Onna shall be accessible. Babi-Onna is your finest probability of evolving the Mirage Gown, however you might wish to unlock it for different characters. Survive for quarter-hour with Babi-Onna on any map and the Mirage Gown is offered for everybody.

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The way to evolve the Mirage Gown

The Mirage Gown requires the Attractorb/Magnet passive merchandise with a purpose to evolve. You should meet the ten minute mark requirement for weapon evolution and have opened at the very least one treasure field earlier than reaching 10 minutes. Not like different weapons, the Mirage Gown should be totally upgraded together with the Attractorb or the weapon doesn’t evolve.

After 10 minutes go, together with a completely upgraded Mirage Gown and Attractorb, you might be able to evolve the weapon. Open one other treasure chest (hopefully earlier than the ten minute mark) and wait for one more to drop. The following treasure chest ought to provide the J’Odore weapon, which is the Mirage Gown’s evolution.

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Unlocking the J’Odore will replace its entry in your assortment, and inserts itself into your Grimoire mechanically. In the event you ever overlook tips on how to evolve the Mirage Gown, there shall be a reminder of the parts needed to take action.