Jim writes: “No one has ever been having fun with a videogame and thought, this might be extra enjoyable if my sword broke.

That’s an absolute assertion, and actually no one on earth is extra averse to absolutes than I’m, however for so long as I reside Unwell assert this explicit assertion on weapons to be 100% true. Those that argue towards my assertion will likely be fast to defend weapon sturdiness techniques, to go as far as to say they really take pleasure in them, however in doing so that they miss the purpose of what Im saying. You possibly can defend all of them day lengthy, however for those who declare to have ever wished for weapon sturdiness in a sport with out it, for those who inform me youve ever longed for the one that you love sword to shatter in the midst of a tense struggle, I can’t imagine you, and my disbelief will likely be absolute. ”