The world west of the River Gar is sort of broadly populated and supplies the northernmost fiefdoms of the dominion of Urtind below the Earldom of Gar, whose ruler is the Earl of Barsim, the hereditary chief of the Badger Tribe.

The area while having substantial tracts of farmland is evenly wooded with primarily deciduous timber and an ideal rolling panorama. The Eorldom borders the Realm of Darken, a feudal kingdom whose the Aristocracy are Dragons, dominated over by Shugaloth, considered Divine by her individuals. Throughout the borders of the Eorldom is the massive Caer Militas, headquarters for the Church of Urto’s three preventing orders, situated right here as a bastion in opposition to Darken.

E-book One: From Militas to Jaileen:

The primary a part of the marketing campaign sees the adventurers journey to Jaileen. A sequence of adventures introduce the area and start to contain the Participant Characters in native politics.

E-book Two: Throughout the Eorldom of Gar

The second a part of the marketing campaign sees the Participant Characters go to the boomtown of Garabas and the thriller deepens.

E-book Three: Brokers of the Dragon

The third a part of the marketing campaign follows on from E-book Two and sees the adventurers having to recuperate an artifact for the Church.

E-book 4: And Then There Had been None:

Within the fruits of the Marketing campaign, the Participant Characters have now gained in repute. Have they got the means to pervert the plot of the Canus Cult? If they do not the entire area will fall.

– from the Kickstarter intro


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