Anybody who has performed Breath of the Wild for a good period of time remembers the Lynel. These fearsome centaur-lion hybrids functioned as simply probably the most harmful enemies from that recreation in addition to probably the most satisfying as soon as realized. As one would anticipate, Lynels have made their grand comeback in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, though they present up right here noticeably much less ceaselessly than within the final recreation. And even for those who do discover one, it gained’t at all times seem in its White-Maned kind. If you need to learn how to each find and defeat the White-Maned Lynel in Tears of the Kingdom, then check out our information under.

White-Maned Lynel places

To have an opportunity at assembly the White-Maned Lynel, you’ll have to interact with the enemies’ “stage up” system, so to talk. As you defeat extra enemies throughout the land of Hyrule, foes will typically spawn in numerous colours, which alerts a extra highly effective variant. Regardless of this, the primary Lynel you meet will most likely are available in its base red-maned kind. However for those who beat that Lynel and proceed to defeat different enemies, the Lynels will ultimately improve to their blue kind after which additional into their White-Maned kind. White-Maned Lynels are usually not probably the most highly effective variation—that honor goes to the Silver Lynels—however they’ll nonetheless simply overwhelm you if unprepared.

As for particular places the place you could find the Lynels’ completely different variants, I’ve solely managed to come back throughout two as far as of the time of this writing. I managed to seek out considered one of them instantly east of Rito Village and shortly to the southeast of Tama Pond.

Tears Of The Kingdom White-Maned Lynel Tabantha Map

Screenshot by way of PC Invasion

In a while, I discovered one other Lynel in Rabia Plain, positioned to the northeast of Kakariko Village.

Tears Of The Kingdom White-Maned Lynel Rabia Plain Map

Screenshot by way of PC Invasion

In all, Tears of the Kingdom incorporates a whole of 12 Lynel places, round half of the whole in Breath of the Wild. Notably, the Hyrule Compendium entry for the White-Maned Lynel states that you could find it each within the Faron Grasslands Depths and the Central Hyrule Depths. So you may as well try to discover these places to see for those who come throughout one. However if you need a rundown on the precise coordinates of all 12 places, you’ll be able to go to our Silver Lynel information right here.

Preventing the White-Maned Lynel

The White-Maned Lynel and its three different variants boast a large arsenal of assaults, every of which may devastate you if not cautious. Moreover, the Lynel’s moveset modifications based mostly on whether or not it wields a sword and protect, spear, or membership. Listed here are the strikes that you could anticipate from the sword and protect Lynels particularly.

Sword and protect strikes

  • Three-hit combo – When up shut, the Lynel will normally rear up its proper arm and are available at you with three swipes of its sword. As quickly as its arm begins to come back down, you’ll be able to time your backflip and set off a flurry rush for a good quantity of injury. If you happen to dodge too early on its first swipe, instantly backflipping once more can nonetheless activate the flurry rush on the second swing, though it’s safer to be taught the timing of the primary swing. Moreover, you’ll be able to parry this assault to briefly stagger the Lynel, offering one other opening to reap the benefits of. You possibly can parry practically each assault the Lynel has, so for those who desire parries over flurry rushes, be happy to depend on these as a substitute.
  • Double-arm assault – In shut quarters, the Lynel may also deliver each of its arms up earlier than swinging them down in a hug-like movement. The timing of that is barely delayed in comparison with the three-hit combo, so wait ever so barely earlier than backflipping or parrying.
  • Operating slash – When at a distance, it could sometimes rear again with its sword up, run straight at you, and swing proper when it will get near you. This assault has a relatively particular timing for the flurry rush and parry. Try to hit the button proper when the Lynel comes into melee vary to land the counter. Similar to with the earlier two sword assaults, a well-timed backflip will activate the flurry rush.

Spear strikes

Up to now, I’ve solely come throughout the sword and shield-wielding Lynels in Tears of the Kingdom. Having mentioned that, the spear and membership variants undoubtedly carry over their movesets wholesale from Breath of the Wild very like the sword and protect ones do. So listed below are the remaining weapon-exclusive strikes based mostly on my experiences with Breath of the Wild.

  • Leaping spear slam – This serves as the one spear-exclusive transfer that the Lynels have. The creature twirls its spear earlier than leaping excessive into the air and slamming its spear on the bottom as soon as it lands. Merely working away from the assault will simply permit you to keep away from it, however you even have the choice of parrying it proper when the Lynel lands. If you happen to parry from a brief distance away, you’ll deflect the small shockwave emitting from the spear, however nothing else will occur. Nevertheless, for those who stand shut and parry the spear instantly, you’ll stagger the Lynel for a short opening.

Membership strikes

  • Primary vertical slam – The Lynel will elevate its membership up excessive and slam it down, which may happen as soon as or 3 times in succession. Though you’ll be able to sidestep the assault for a flurry rush, doing so leaves you vulnerable to getting hit by the follow-up shockwaves. There’s a variation of this assault with out the shockwave, however the distinction in telegraphing is refined, so it’s greatest to both run to the facet or parry the membership proper when it comes down.
  • Spin assault – For this transfer, the Lynel will wave its membership round within the air earlier than spinning it on the bottom. Operating away from the transfer or parrying it’s going to function your greatest plan of action right here.  The hitbox of the membership whereas it spins is pretty correct to the mannequin, so press the parry button proper because the membership is bodily about to hit you to efficiently deflect it.
  • Operating slam – When far-off, the Lynel could deliver its membership up excessive earlier than sprinting at you and slamming the weapon down. This transfer at all times leaves behind a shockwave when the membership hits the bottom, making sidestepping for flurry rushes fully unviable. You must as a substitute parry this transfer proper when the Lynel enters melee vary.

Miscellaneous strikes

The White-Maned Lynels can carry out the entire under strikes it doesn’t matter what weapon they wield, so at all times look out for them.

  • Jousting assault – After working round a bit from a distance, the Lynel will come towards you with its weapon within the air and swipe you. You possibly can anticipate and time your dodges or parries way more simply right here than with the faster working assaults for each the sword and the membership, Simply bear in mind to backflip for the flurry rush.
  • Cost – One other long-distance choice, the Lynel will get on all fours and cost rapidly at you. You possibly can parry this, after all, however the timing window for the flurry rush is definitely extraordinarily beneficiant right here, so follow sidestepping it.
  • Bow and arrow – If you find yourself far-off or up within the air, the Lynel can draw its bow and fireplace both instantly at you or towards the sky in order that they rain down on you. This assault appears a bit simpler to dodge than it was in Breath of the Wild, so merely working or gliding to the facet will do the trick.
  • Fireballs – The Lynel jumps again, expenses up fireplace in its mouth, and breathes three fireballs in your course. Operating to the facet will work, though doing so up shut is a bit simpler than doing it at a distance. The leadup to the assault additionally leaves the Lynel completely susceptible to a fast headshot. If you happen to battle the Lynel in a grassy space, the fireballs will burn the grass and trigger an updraft, permitting you to glide up and land some straightforward headshots. Parrying the fireballs additionally serves as an efficient technique, though you need to primarily do that up shut, as that can stagger the Lynel and interrupt the assault.
  • Horn assault – This can be a new assault unique to Tears of the Kingdom. At melee vary, the Lynel will lean its head again and swing it to the facet to assault with its horn. The transfer features equally to the double-arm assault that the sword and protect variants have, because it has a considerably delayed timing and might be dodged with a backflip.
  • Explosion – This assault is unique to the White-Maned and Silver Lynels, at the least in Breath of the Wild. They appear to carry out it much less ceaselessly right here, and I by no means acquired it to set off throughout my sole battle towards the White-Maned Lynel. However I assume that the White-Maned variant nonetheless has this transfer, so right here’s the way it works. The Lynel will belt out a strong roar, deliver its weapon up, and slam it down, inflicting an enormous explosion to set off inside the creature’s neighborhood. Both run far-off as quickly because the Lynel roars or interrupt it with headshot to take care of this transfer. Imagine it or not, you’ll be able to truly parry the explosion by timing the button a cut up second after the weapon hits the bottom. After all, solely do that for those who really feel assured sufficient to attempt it.

Different issues to notice

Typically, touchdown headshots will serve you properly throughout Lynel fights, as they go away the creature open to a singular interplay. As soon as the headshot stuns the Lynel, you’ll be able to run as much as the perimeters or the again and mount it very like you’ll be able to a horse. Though you clearly can’t experience it round, this does function an ideal alternative to take out your strongest weapon and hit the Lynel with repeated strikes earlier than it flings you off. In Breath of the Wild, doing this fully maintained the sturdiness of your weapon, though I’ve not but found out if this stays true in Tears of the Kingdom.

Both manner, after it flings you off, you’ll be able to enter bullet time and land much more headshots when you nonetheless have stamina remaining. Different strategies for mounting the Lynel embody gliding on prime of it from an updraft or a high-up place and sneaking up behind it earlier than the battle begins, though be aware that the Lynel has exceptionally good listening to in comparison with different monsters.

Defeating the White-Maned Lynel will drop a few of the greatest objects you could find in Tears of the Kingdom. The Savage Lynel Defend can harm enemies by means of parrying with no need to fuse first, and the Savage Lynel Bow can concurrently fireplace three and even 5 arrows at the price of one. Moreover, the horns it drops give extraordinarily excessive assault boosts to weapons as soon as fused, which ought to assist immensely when preventing different robust enemies. However though these awards are nice on their very own, those provided by the Silver Lynel are even higher.