If you happen to liked Journey‘s shimmering deserts and fluid sand-surfing, then let me draw your consideration to the newly introduced Sword Of The Sea. Revealed throughout Sony’s PlayStation Showcase, Sword Of The Sea comes from Big Squid Studio, the parents behind 2016’s Abzû and 2020’s The Pathless, and sees you play as The Wraith, a lone explorer on a quest to revive submerged cities which were buried beneath a sea of golden dunes. You are in a position to slickly journey throughout the sandy terrain because of a rad-as-heck hoversword, a traversal instrument that is described on the PlayStation weblog as a “snowboard, skateboard, and hoverboard multi function.” You’ll be able to witness some main sand-shredding and see what else Sword Of The Sea has in retailer by watching the lavish announcement trailer beneath.

The trailer is a sight to behold. The sand-surfing appears extremely fluid and the potential for pulling off an epic flip whereas launching your hoverboard off some beautiful historic structure holds huge enchantment. Along with that enormous monster tease on the finish of the trailer, anticipate some run-ins with large leviathans.

Big Squid’s artistic director is Matt Nava, who was additionally the artwork director on Journey, in order that explains all of the fantastically rendered sand. The Journey comparisons apart, Sword Of The Sea can be very according to Big Squid’s work. The studio has all the time discovered attention-grabbing methods to create the sensation of freedom by way of motion – such because the sleek underwater diver in Abzû and the wickedly quick archer in The Pathless – so The Wraith appears like they will full the studio’s trilogy of tremendous clean stars.

Sword of The Sea will launch on PC and PlayStation 5. It does not have a confirmed launch date but (or perhaps a Steam web page) so till you then’ll discover me in my attic looking for my outdated skateboard.