In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll want to seek out many Sages, together with a somewhat-secret one, Mineru, the Sage of Spirit. Her quest “Steerage of Ages Previous” leads you to her.

After soothing the lightning storm within the prior a part of the “Discover the Fifth Sage” quest, you’ll discover a masks locked up behind a door. Interacting with the masks begins the “Steerage of Ages Previous” quest, main you to the fifth Sage, Mineru.

As you full the hunt, you’ll head all the way down to the Depths and battle a boss within the Spirit Temple.

Beneath, we stroll by the steps of “Steerage of Ages Previous,” a prolonged quest that sends you to the Depths to assist rebuild a assemble.

Steerage of Ages Previous walkthrough within the sky islands and floor

When you decide up the masks, a laser will shoot out, pointing you under the island. Take the masks outdoors by the door that simply opened.

By this time, you’ll seemingly know what to do: construct on a wing, including followers and a steering stick. Connect the masks on to the machine as effectively. Right here’s what ours seemed like:

Launch off the island, flying in the direction of the place the laser factors. When you make it down, detach the masks from the wing, and take it to the pedestal that the laser factors at. A cutscene will play, and once more decide up the masks and carry it to the subsequent pedestal. The pedestal will flip into an elevator, which is able to deliver you all the way down to the Depths.

Steerage of Ages Previous walkthrough within the Depths

Activate the Muokuij Lightroot close by, seize the masks, and place it in its respective slot within the robotic mould straight forward utilizing Ultrahand.

Now could be the enjoyable half: collecting all 4 items of the golem for Mineru. There are 4 factories, as she identified, although it’s darkish. We suggest Ascending up the ruins from behind the golem and firing out lightblooms aplenty to mild up the world earlier than you set off.

In truth, in the event you head up by this Ascend level, you’ll get a mighty Zonaite protect and a Captain IV reaper from two chests:

An Ascend point, green, marked on a grate in the robot factory made by Mineru

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

As ordinary with these walkthroughs, we suggest grabbing the items within the order under, we however you are able to do them in any order you need.

Proper-Leg Depot

Glide down from the ruins and run up the skeleton resulting in the lightroot within the north. Activate Uisihcoj Lightroot to instantly acquire a bunch extra visibility within the space. From right here, head northeast, half the gloom-covered Aerocuda, Bokoblins, and Little Frox, so you may bounce off the damaged bridges into this cavern.

A dark teal arrow points Link around several bridges, towards a cavern entrance with green lanterns in Tears of the Kingdom

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply pictures: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Work together with the altar inside to get the correct leg in a field. Ultrahand it on to one of many elevators on the correct and activate the followers to maneuver it up.

When you’re on the prime and also you see the lengthy rail, arrange the field utilizing Ultrahand like this, utilizing the hooked field items and one of many followers from the elevator:

Link uses Ultrahand to attach a fan to the back of a box on a hook in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Activate the fan and the leg will transfer alongside the rails up. Ascend up the ledge from the far a part of the room. Once more, transfer the leg field up the fan elevators. Climb up the ledge to get three Zonaite from a chest.

On the prime of the ledge, there can be supplies it’s essential to make an airplane. Connect the steering keep on with a wing, stick the leg field on, and set the aircraft on the downward rails to drive it again to Mineru’s golem mould.

We caught followers on like this to make it go sooner, however you don’t must:

Link in Tears of the Kingdom attaches multiple fans, a box with a leg in it, and a steering device on to a wing Zonai device to fly off into the Depths

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Hopefully, you’re capable of land the wing near Mineru, so rip the leg field off, and ship her the leg, putting it into the mould.

Proper-Arm Depot

From the highest of the ruins, glide off to the west, aiming at this entrance. We used Tulin’s wind to assist us get there:

An arrow points to a cave entrance in the dark with the only light nearby from green lanterns in Tears of the Kingdom

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply pictures: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Activate the altar inside to get the correct arm within a field. Ship the field up the conveyer belt on the correct of the altar and observe after it.

Use the stray wheels sitting in entrance of the big hole and connect them to the field solely on one facet. Place the field on the electrical bridge, in order that the wheels relaxation on the nook like this:

Link carefully places a box on an electric bridge, making sure that the two wheels on the box line up with a ledge in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Flip it on and let it journey to the opposite facet. Glide throughout and climb up the ladder to fulfill it there.

Outdoors, connect two extra wheels onto the cart in order that it rolls down the gloom-covered steps and in the direction of Mineru. Stand on prime and hit the wheels, turning in your new little buddy and touring throughout.

Link rides down a gloom-covered set of stairs in the Depths on a car made from wheels and a box with an arm inside in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Notice that there are baddies alongside the way in which, so you might have to cease in a spot with little gloom on the flooring to wash them out. There’s not a lot gloom on the bridge over the water, so you may safely cease there briefly to knock them out.

When you get again to Mineru in your little buggy, take the arm to the golem mould and place it in.

Left-Leg Depot

There’s an entrance to a different depot, on to the east of the Muokuij Lightroot. Work together with the altar inside to get the left leg in a field. Place it on the rocket elevators and switch them on to ship the field up.

You will want to spin the crank (it’s really referred to as a capstan) on the left to goal the bridge on the correct to shoot the field over the water and onto the ledge above.

Use the close by steering stick and rockets and connect them to the field like so:

Link places a creation made of a box, two rockets, and a steering stick on a ramp, ready to fire it off in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Flip the crank to goal the bridge fairly excessive up. We aimed it like this to efficiently make it to the ledge:

Link places a box with a steering stick on a ramp that’s aimed about 45 degrees in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

For those who maintain messing up and want extra rockets, there’s a tool dispenser straight behind the bridge on this room.

As soon as your field is up on the ledge, don’t depart the world fairly but. Face east to see some lasers blocking an space with Zonaite and a chest reverse of the exit. Take the rocket elevator subsequent to the lasers up and use Ultrahand to deliver the loot down by the grate. You’ll get a handful of Zonaite and a Giant Zonaite to your troubles.

Link picks up a treasure chest through a metal grate using his Ultrahand ability in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Now you may take the field out. This time you don’t want so as to add any attachments or do something fancy, because the exit is definitely fairly near the place Mineru is. Simply deliver it over to her with Ultrahand and place it into the mould.

Left-Arm Depot

This depot is walkable on foot, however if you wish to glide from the highest, you may completely try this, simply goal for the southwest door you’ll see lit up within the distance.

We walked up this path, taking out some Evermeans and Bokoblins on the way in which:

Link runs towards a dirty-looking back in the Depths between two trees in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

When you’re inside, work together with the altar to get a field with the left arm inside. Hit the wheel hooked up to the door to lift the door up and produce the field with you. The door may have three wheels on it, one on the facet you got here in from and two on the facet with the lava. Take off the 2 wheels on the lava facet and connect them to the field, together with the close by steering stick like so:

Link Ultrahands a lava-crossing car together using two big wheels on each side of a box and one steering stick on top in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Drive the field straight by the lava. Once you get to the following half, Ascend up on to a ledge to get a chest with 5 steering stick capsules inside. Leap again down and take the tires off, shifting them to the opposite sides of the field, like this:

Link Ultrahands a new lava-crossing car, where this time the box is flipped horizontally with the big tires on each side and a steering stick on top in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Journey throughout the following lava path. Climb up the ladder to get a grand poe and head again down. Break off one of many wheels out of your field and connect it on to the door the way in which it was within the first room. For those who want a reminder of what that seemed like, it’s like this:

Link takes out a construct weapon and gets ready to whack a wheel on a door in Tears of the Kingdom. The wheel is attached to the left side of a rising door, with the arrows pointing left and the small block is connected to the treads of the wheel.

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

The wheel must be caught on to the door on the backside with the sq. rock additionally hooked up to the wheel. When you flip it on, the door will elevate. Carry your field by and connect at the very least one of many followers to the again of the field.

Earlier than you allow, seize this chest from the spinning fan within the nook to get three Zonaite:

Link uses Ultrahand to pull a chest off of a spinning wheel in the corner of a dark room in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

With the followers hooked up to your field, ship your great raft down the water, off to fulfill Mineru. Hooray!

Mineru’s assemble and attending to the Spirit Temple

As soon as all of the items are assembled, Mineru’s assemble will be a part of you. You possibly can experience it and equip weapons and gadgets to it to make it stronger. Equip no matter you’d like from her provided arsenal and head in the direction of the hunt marker to go to the Spirit Temple.

The journey to the Spirit Temple is brief and there isn’t an excessive amount of to it. On the way in which, you’ll battle just a few smallfry monsters and you should use this as a chance to determine how Mineru’s assemble works. Hyperlink will get on prime of it and swings its arms to assault with no matter you hooked up to the arms.

We suggest stopping at Sijotu Lightroot, which is on the way in which (relying on which manner you went — the Depths are complicated), at coordinates (1218, -2544, -0612). There’s a Hinox between the lightroot and the temple, however you may take it out by capturing its eye and attacking it or you may simply run from it in the event you don’t look after Hinox drops.

A weaponry found in the Depths, made for Mineru’s Construct to equip different tools from in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Straight previous the Hinox is one other weaponry for Mineru’s assemble. Equip her with at the very least one cannon. You will want it to take down the boss simply.

Between the weaponry and the temple is a bunch of breakable rocks, which you’ll break nevertheless you need. You should utilize Mineru’s cannon or spiked ball (in the event you geared up that), Yunobo’s Sage means, or you may simply go at it utilizing an everyday hammer that you simply Fused. You must use this time to get accustomed to utilizing Mineru’s cannon attachment, too.

When you make it by the rubble, you’ll see one other lit up armory forward, this time crammed with rockets. Connect one to the assemble’s again and launch your self as much as the Spirit Temple.

Seized Assemble boss battle technique

When you get into the temple, get on Mineru’s assemble and work together with the bird-like statue within the heart of the room. Strategy the stone to be interrupted by the boss, Seized Assemble.

Forward of this battle, know that you’ll not be doing any of the preventing by yourself, as Hyperlink. He’ll take harm commonly, however he gained’t be utilizing any of his weapons, so don’t fear about making ready any earlier than you go. The one factor you must be certain to have is a Zonai cannon hooked up to Mineru’s assemble, as talked about earlier. When you’re prepared for the battle, head ahead.

Seized Construct, a Zonai robot with red and black energy flowing out of it, as seen in Tears of the Kingdom

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo by way of Polygon

Barbed wires will seem and also you’ll discover that the ground is roofed in gloom, creating the world’s worst wrestling ring. You’ll want to make use of your mech to battle this scary mech — and your cannon arm makes this gorgeous fast work.

The Seized Assemble will take minimal harm from getting hit by weaponry, however it does take tons of injury from being slammed into the barbed wire across the area.

The tactic is straightforward: shoot it together with your cannon to stun it, whack it together with your different arm a number of occasions to push it into the wires, and watch it explode. For those who ignored our a number of suggestions about coming into this battle with the cannon, you will want to simply rush it and hit it with Mineru’s arms till it bounces into the wires. That is advantageous, although it simply makes you extra prone to taking harm from the Seized Assemble, because you’ll be inside its melee vary.

There are a number of spiked iron balls within the corners of the sector you can connect to Mineru’s arms in the event you want them, as effectively.

At half well being, the second part of the battle will start and the Seized Assemble will get all types of attachments. Fortunately, you continue to ought to have your cannon. When it flies up into the air to assault you, simply blast it and repeat the identical course of from part one.

After the Seized Assemble goes down, you’ll be capable to seize a Coronary heart Container. Strategy the stone to complete the temple, incomes you some prolonged cutscenes about Mineru.

Mineru will discuss to you concerning the Grasp Sword, and in the event you don’t have already got it, she’ll need you to go get it.

With the Grasp Sword and all 5 Sage talents in hand, head again to Purah in Lookout Touchdown. Speaking to her will full the “Discover the Fifth Sage” quest and the “Disaster in Hyrule,” whereas beginning “Destroy Ganondorf.”