by JugglinDan

Yagran Strongchin, Dwarf Fighter 3, 17/17 HP, 11/17 at finish.
Blink, Elven Magic Person 2, 10/10 HP
Terry Redshirt, Human Thief 3 – absent
Nugget, Halfling Cleric 3, 14/14 HP
Beathan O’Brien (retainer), Human Fighter 1, 8/8 HP, 6/8 at finish.

After some purchasing at The Ringing Anvil in Heatherleigh, I made a decision to let Blink discover a wizard to show him some spells. I selected Plumbing the Depths from the One Web page Dungeon Compendium: 2019 Version. Issues obtained hilarious quick!

Following the instructions of Bob Ironhand, the social gathering navigate the aspect streets and markets of Heatherleigh, ultimately arriving at The Ringing Anvil. The forge and work space are open to the road, whereas a picket door results in the store correct. A dwarf takes a glowing size of iron from the forge and begins working it on an anvil as they arrive. With a hand sign they ask the social gathering to attend only a second.

As the color fades from the iron, the dwarf quenches it in a darkish barrel of liquid earlier than putting it onto a workbench. You possibly can recognise an embryonic double-bladed axe within the type of the iron.

Wanting up from her work, Nora Ironhand rubs the sweat from her forehead, leaving a darkish grease stain instead. With a broad grin she says “Ah, prospects. I am Nora, Nora Ironhand. Welcome to The Ringing Anvil. If I haven’t got what you need, then I could make it. If I am unable to make it, you don’t need it!”

Her eyes widen as she takes within the towering automaton. “God’s Beard! The place did you get that?” Nora exclaims.

Out on the street, Mary and Lewis have been chatting quietly to one another. Lastly Mary steps ahead and says to the social gathering “Er, Lewis and I wish to take our fee at present. We now have household in Dale and are eager to return residence. I will put in a phrase with Patric, which ought to provide help to for those who ever return to Dale.” Mary then seems to be down at her toes, barely embarrassed.

Nugget finds the contracts for Mary and Lewis and pays them in full, then slips in an additional gold every, in addition to a small stack of letters. “You probably did actual good, you have been a blessing to have with us. For those who do not thoughts, are you able to drop these again residence too? I am certain my circle of relatives misses me, however I’ve obtained to kind out issues with the workforce earlier than I can head again myself. Might the sunshine information your method!”

Lirann takes the horses and ponies to a close-by inn and stables the place she is going to meet the social gathering later.

The social gathering haggle with Nora for some time, and at last choose a deal. She pays 3500 gp for the automaton as a result of additionally they have the instruction guide – dwarven runes on parchment. Of this, she pays 2000 gp now, and the rest might be a customized swimsuit of full plate armour for Yagran, to be collected in per week. Nora additionally buys the gathering of maces, daggers, and Xikek’s halberd for an additional 50 gp.

Casting Detect Magic, Blink sees a glowing blue aura across the ring they discovered, whereas the sword glows pink. He additionally notices a swirling aura of many colors round one thing additional away on the road. Blue for +1 safety, pink for fight (it is a +1 sword). The aura of many colors is the hook for the following journey.

Nora can not assist with the ring, however she takes a protracted take a look at the sword, declaring it a advantageous work and pointing to a troublesome to see set of runes engraved into the hilt. She will be able to determine it however would require fee ought to it’s cursed. They’ll acquire it in a single week together with the armour.

The social gathering divvy up their gold, with Beathan significantly eager to drink up his share. However then the swirling aura of magic comes nearer. It is a man, clearly a wizard from his pointy hat. He’s nailing a sheet to a put up and has a pile of flyers tucked beneath his arm. Seeing the social gathering, he breaks right into a broad grin and introduces himself as Gon the Good, Gon the Magnificent. The social gathering are simply the type he’s on the lookout for to do a small however necessary job for him. He pays handsomely. The social gathering are reluctant, so he sweetens the deal by providing Blink any spell he chooses from his magical library. “Energy past your desires, spells you have by no means heard of!”. Blink’s lust for energy does the remainder, and he convinces the others to take the job.

They observe Gon again to his tower. Blink observes it is in an honest a part of city. On the door they’re greeted by two animated fits of armour who escort the social gathering to Gon’s laboratory on the high of his tower. There Gon explains the job. A magical ring of nice worth has fallen down the drain, and he wants them to retrieve it. He’ll magically cut back them and their merchandise in dimension, so the companions are solely an inch excessive. He provides them a Gem of Returning and the magic phrase that can return them to the room at their regular dimension. They’ll maintain something they discover besides the ring which should be returned. Additional, they need to by no means use the ring, or its energy will kill all of them. Lastly, Gon warns them of the darkish clouds overhead. They need to hurry earlier than the rains flood the drain.

Simply then, a messenger arrives on the door to Gon’s tower with an pressing message from Dale. Having chased the social gathering via the town, they’re turned away from the door at Gon’s tower by the animated armour. The message should wait.

Within the laboratory, Gon provides the social gathering a spool of thread to make use of as a rope, needs them luck and Gods’ Pace earlier than casting Scale back.

With Yagran on the lead, Beathan and Nugget within the center and Blink on the learn, they descend.

Some inches down the drain Yagran sees a pool of water, glowing with a faint blue phosphorescence. He’s about to dive in earlier than he sees a few brightly glowing jellyfish together with one thing spiral-shaped on the backside. Dipping a toe into the water, the closest jellyfish adjustments from blue to pink and Yagran retreats. Fundamental Fantasy RPG does not have a jellyfish, so I made one. HD 2, AC 8, 4 tentacle assaults – 1d4 dmg + save vs poison or be paralysed for one spherical.

The social gathering debate their subsequent transfer for some time, however there is just one method ahead. Realising that Beathan can not use his bow with out falling from the thread, they ask him to leap into the water. He resists however lastly relents, saying “you will owe me for this!”. An enormous second, Beathan’s first loyalty examine . He handed. Yagran dives in with him and the 2 do battle with the jellyfish. The water is a large number of floating tentacles, however each Yagran and Beathan endure the numerous stings, shrugging off the paralysing toxins. From the rope, Nugget hangs by one arm to solid therapeutic spells earlier than leaping into the water, risking his life to help the others. From the thread, Blink shouts his encouragement however refuses to assist or to enter the water. This was a enjoyable fight. Everybody was in character and having enjoyable. Beathan rolled terribly on his assaults however managed to make his saves.

Lastly, the final jellyfish is defeated. Yagran and Beathan bob to the floor on the far aspect of the s-bend, whereas Nugget swims nearer to Blink, encouraging him down. Blink strikes nearer, concern of the water burning in his eyes. Earlier than the final vestiges of the Detect Magic spell fade, he realises the article on the backside of the pool is magical. Sure, I do know that Detect Magic does not final that lengthy, but it surely appeared just like the factor to do within the second.