For those who’re nonetheless not sure, the reply to right now’s Wordle puzzle is “pixie.” It originates from British folklore, a tiny, nocturnal, elf-like spirit normally wearing inexperienced. Pixies are fairly impish and are recognized for naughty shenanigans like giving vacationers unsuitable instructions or spooking younger maidens (by way of Britannica). The origin of the phrase “pixie” is essentially unknown, however Etymonline notes that it’s seemingly associated to the Swedish phrase “pyske,” which suggests “small fairy.”

For those who watched Peter Pan, the primary identify that may in all probability pop into your thoughts at mentioning the phrase “pixie” is his sidekick Tinker Bell. Cat folks additionally acknowledge the phrase as a form of breed of home cat. 

We accomplished the puzzle in three guesses right now, like yesterday and the day earlier than, so we have now an official three-try triumph streak! We owe a lot of our luck to our strategic beginning guess, “adieu,” which narrowed down the doable solutions sufficient to hone down on the bingo phrase in solely three makes an attempt. We hope you’ve even higher luck!


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