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I do not understand how you mini-less individuals do it. I’ve tried a number of instances to go full theater-of-the-mind as a GM and participant, and we at all times find yourself going to some paper and draw circles to assist everybody perceive the place every little thing is after a number of confusion about every little thing’s relative place.

I believe that is an unpopular opinion, however to me, if I am taking part in “theater-of-the-mind”, I completely don’t wish to be worrying about the place something is. If I am making an attempt to make relative place matter with no tabletop illustration, then I am actually simply taking part in with a map however making an attempt to maintain it in my head, which in my view is in regards to the worst means of implementing issues. So if I am taking part in pure narrative, I am in favor of simply ditching place completely. Its a loopy motion packed whirl of exercise, who cares precisely the place everyone seems to be?

That is an article of it is personal, and perhaps it exposes my very own biases in direction of operating fight, however I’ve at all times had a number of issues happening in numerous areas, enemies coming into and retreating, which implies PCs are likely to go their very own means. I assume that in case you’re operating fight extra merely, the place all of the enemies are in the identical spot, it might work, or in case you eschew place completely and let enemies and PCs pop in wherever they’d prefer to.

The fight would not should be easy for Theatre of the Thoughts to work. Consider it like a struggle scene in a novel – a novel can describe a struggle scene with a great deal of stuff happening, unfold over a large space and nonetheless make it coherent with out going into the minutia of precisely the place everybody’s standing and the way a lot house is between individuals.

It perhaps would not work so nicely with one thing like D&D or Pathfinder, video games with tactical fight guidelines the place distance and positioning actually matter. That is its personal type of enjoyable, however Theatre of the Thoughts can result in rather more frenetic, fringe of the seat combats.