by dysjunct

AGENDAS. These are the high-level targets. There’s three:
:bd6-1: Make sure the world feels actual.
:bd6-2: Make the PCs’ tales significant and necessary.
:bd6-3: Play to seek out out what occurs.

Every of those will get 2-3 paragraphs, though they might get extra. I imply, “making a narrative significant and related” is tough much more skilled writers. No complaints right here.

BASELINES. These are just a little lower-level than the Agendas. Should you’re unsure methods to tie one thing to an even bigger agenda, you do these. There’s additionally three. You at all times say:
:bd6-1: What the rules demand. (These are subsequent.)
:bd6-2: What the principles demand. Do not backtrack, fudge, undo, and so forth. If a rule says to do one thing, observe it.
:bd6-3: What honesty calls for. By no means mislead the opposite gamers. You are their solely window into the fictional world — eyes, ears, the whole lot. Do not deceive them. If a personality has incomplete info, that is tremendous, however say “you assume that…”, “it seems form of like….” or another phrase.

A sidebar on GMing for different video games. It reminds the mild reader that every RPG is totally different, and whereas some strategies are good throughout a number of video games, you should not assume that finest practices for one recreation are the identical for one more. All the recommendation on this guide is for ALTRPG.


These agendas and tips are mainly how I GM anyway, so it’s good to already be on board.