Persona video games are masters at making us recognize the mundane, largely as a result of each easy exercise is a chance to enhance your self. Not simply metaphorically, both. Very like different Persona video games, Persona 3 Moveable will check your data to reply questions within the classroom, and on midterm and remaining examination questions all through the varsity 12 months. Whereas a few of these questions are straightforward in the event you’ve been following alongside within the lecture, some require a bit extra outdoors data. Our Persona 3 classroom reply information will make it easier to choose the proper responses from April to January.

Getting every query proper will increase your Allure — even in the event you’re telling Junpei the proper reply. Doing properly on the midterms and remaining exams means Mitsuru, your group’s de facto educational scold, offers you a particular reward.

In chronological order, listed here are the classroom solutions for Persona 3 Moveable, which haven’t modified with its Steam, Xbox Recreation Move, PlayStation, and Swap ports. When you’re in search of guides for the Persona 4 Golden classroom solutions, the Persona 5 classroom solutions, or the Persona 5 Royal classroom solutions, now we have these as properly.

April classroom solutions


Q: Who did I say was my favourite writer?

A: Utsobu Kubota


Q: What was the model of homes within the Jomson interval known as?

A: Mud huts


Q: Have you learnt when numbers have been invented?

A: 6,000 years in the past.

A teacher in Persona 3 says, “You got it! The Sumerians invented numbers 6,000 years ago.”

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Might classroom solutions


Q: What do you name water with out a lot calcium and magnesium?

A: Delicate water.


Q: How briskly would you say the Earth rotates close to the equator?

A: 1,700 km/ph


Q: One of many objects on the menu for the household is “pan.” How would you translate this to English?

A: Bread

Might Mid-term exams


Q: How would you translate “pan” in English?

A: Bread


Q: How briskly does the Earth rotate close to the equator?

A: Quicker than sound.


Q: What’s the identify for water excessive in calcium and magnesium?

A: Laborious water


Q: The place is the Kitora Tomb positioned?

A: Nara

June classroom solutions


Q: Fill within the clean with the suitable conjunction: “It rained all final week, ____ it’ll rain once more right now.”

A: And


Q: What fashioned the origins of magic?

A: Shamanism


Q: Which of those is NOT often known as a “devilfish”?

A: Jellyfish


Q: What type of pure magic was used to search for water sources?

A: Dowsing


Q: Which method does the swirl go within the northern hemisphere?

A: It will possibly go both method.

July classroom solutions


Q: How am I imagined to find out about somebody who lived that way back? Wh-What do I say, [protagonist name]?

A: The International Heritage Pavilion

Junpei asks you the answer to a question in class in Persona 3. The correct answer is “The Global Heritage Foundation.”

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Q: Which of those phrases is inaccurate? (and is instance of a comma splice)

A: “I’ve failed, it’s over now.”


Q: What legislation served as a basis of the event of feudalism?

A: The Konden Eizen Shizaihou


Q: What’s the mystical examine of Jewish texts?

A: Kabbalah


Q: What title did Taira No Masakado declare for himself?

A: The Imperial Prince

First semester remaining examination


Q: What’s the type of pure magic used to search out water sources?

A: Dowsing


Q: Some Europeans name this creature “devilfish” and refuse to eat it.

A: Octopus


Q: Who established the Kamakura Shogunate?

A: Minamoto No Yoritomo


Q: Which is an instance of a comma splice?

A: “I went, I realized.”

A multiple choice question asks which is an example of a comma splice. The answer is the first choice: “I went, I learned.”

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September classroom solutions


Q: What do you name the phenomenon when electrical resistance is zero?

A: Superconductivity


Q: What do we are saying after we eat?

A: Gochisou-sama


Q: What e book helped additional the artwork of magic throughout the Renaissance?

A: The Hermetica


Q: Which of those is NOT certainly one of Japan’s prohibitions on nuclear weapons?

A: Can’t let others produce.


Q: What’s the collective identify for the 4 holy numbers in numerology?

A: The Tetractys.

October classroom solutions


Q: Have you learnt why a matador’s capote is pink?

A: To excite the viewers.

Second semester midterms


Q: What’s the primary supply of stress for ladies?

A: Husbands


Q: Who based numerology?

A: Moses

Observe: The precise right reply is Pythagrius, however the recreation’s right reply is Moses.


Q: What’s superconductiviy?

A: Zero electrical resistance


Q: The Ohnin Conflict was one of many two incidents that triggered the Sengoku period. Which was the opposite?

A: Coup of Meiou

October continued


Q: What number of calendar patterns are there?

A: Fourteen


Q: Natto comes from soybeans, too, however how is it made?

A: By fermenting them


Q: Who’s the founding father of Theosophy, which gave rise to many magical societies?

A: Madam Blavatsky


Q: However which certainly one of this stuff is NOT Arabic?

A: Wristwatch


Q: One kind of acid’s operate is to interrupt lactic acid into glucose and galactose. What’s that enzyme known as?

A: Lactase

November classroom solutions


Q: As Sei Shounagon as soon as stated, “fuyu wa tsutomete…” I’m positive you realize what which means, [protagonist name.]

A: Winter mornings are nice.


Q: What’s the historic Indian magical textual content I discussed right now?

A: The Upanishads


Q: They used white make-up, plucked their eyebrows in favor of drawn-on ones, and coloured their enamel with limonite. However do you suppose the lads did this stuff?

A: They did each

December classroom solutions


Q: Which allotrope is fashioned by three oxygen atoms.

A: Ozone


Q: Did you hear what she stated, [protagonist name]? Have you learnt the reply?

A: Cacti

Junpei and Yukari stand in the dorm common area. Junpei says “I’m  totally a hip, happenin’ teen, ya dig!?”

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December Exams


Q: What 12 months did the battle of Dan-no-ura start?

A: 1185


Q: Which ingredient is discovered within the ozone?

A: Oxygen


Q: Which rule pertains to the Lorentz Pressure?

A: Left-hand rule


Q: Translate the next: “Fuyu wa tsutomete.”

A: Winter mornings are nice.


Q: Which plural is fashioned accurately?

A: Cacti

December continued


Q: What sorcery was Himiko stated to have used?

A: Kido.


Q: What’s the feeling of happiness in a near-death expertise known as?

A: Euphoria.

January classroom solutions


Q: Of the three phrases I’ve written on the blackboard, inform me… which one is right?-

A: It’s incorrect.


Q: I discussed two Greek sorceresses. One was Medea; who was the opposite?

A: Circe.


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