Octopath Traveler 2’s Scent of Commerce facet quests present up on the world map like vital story targets, and whereas two of them aren’t actually that vital in any respect, you will get some good bonuses for just a bit effort. The third is without doubt one of the most vital quests within the recreation, nevertheless, and you want to end it to have full entry to the map and all its secrets and techniques.

This information explains the way to full every Scent of Commerce quest in Octopath Traveler 2.

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What’s Partitio’s Scent of Commerce?

Scent of Commerce is a set of three facet quests that unlocks after you end Partitio’s first chapter. Regardless of exhibiting up on the world map with a Partitio icon, these are completely non-compulsory and aren’t required to complete his story or attain the true ending chapter.

That mentioned, we strongly finishing the Scent of Commerce quest in Toto’haha, because you get your personal boat and may journey freely, discover non-compulsory dungeons, and even unlock a secret job.

The opposite two are good bonuses and match with Partitio’s mission as a service provider, however in case you aren’t bothered with lore and a music participant, be at liberty to skip them.

Winterbloom Scent of Commerce

The Winterbloom chapter is the least costly to finish, because it solely includes utilizing Path Actions to recruit NPCs. Go to Winterbloom–located within the heart of the Winterlands, east of Cape Chilly–and head to the big home within the east of city with Partitio in your celebration. He hears a cry for assist and rushes inside.

It seems the cry is recorded on a gramophone report, and the person inside is attempting to determine what to do with the contraption, as nobody appears to need it. Partitio recommends recording music and takes it on himself to seek out musicians.

The folks you’re in search of are:

  • Piano Taking part in Cleric: Flamechurch, contained in the church throughout the day and outdoors the door at evening
  • Violinist: Western fringe of Canalbrine close to the caravan at evening, contained in the tavern throughout the day
  • Guitarist: Western entrance of Crackridge throughout the day

You should use Partitio’s Rent motion to recruit them, however utilizing Temenos’ Information or Agnea’s Attract is a greater, cheaper different.

After you may have all three musicians assembled, you’ll be able to hearken to a handful of tunes on the gramophone at any time. You may as well purchase new tracks from the merchandise retailers in each beginning city.

Temenos' colleague from Flamechurch is one of the musicians Partitio needs to hire.
Temenos’ colleague from Flamechurch is without doubt one of the musicians Partitio wants to rent.

Sai Scent of Commerce

The Scent of Commerce chapter in Sai takes much less time to finish, although it’s a bit pricey. It kicks off when you arrive on the town with Partitio in your celebration. He notices the insignia of a well-known service provider named Masoud and desires to fulfill him. Masoud isn’t as eager and tells Partitio he must convey again a service provider’s biggest treasure.

Change the time to nighttime, go outdoors, and rent Masoud’s daughter (1,000 leaves). Converse with Masoud once more, and depart the home. Partitio ultimately figures out the reply to Masoud’s check. Return inside, and spend 5,000 leaves to rent Masoud.

The results of all that is the Mercantile Manuscript Archive Key, which you should use to unlock the constructing behind Masoud’s home. Inside is the Mercantile Manuscript, which is basically a glossary and lore guide mixed. It comprises details about armor, areas, gadgets, and more–inessential to the story, however a pleasant little bit of background in case you’re after it.

Tropu’hopu Scent of Commerce–The way to get a ship

Should you solely do one Scent of Commerce and even one facet quest in Octopath Traveler 2, let or not it’s this one. The premise is straightforward: Journey to Tropu’hopu, east of the Beastling Village, and enter the harbor with Partitio. Converse with the lady on the dock. She’s attempting to promote a ship, and nobody appears to need it–besides Partitio.

The issue is, she’s set the value at 100,000 leaves. That’s a steep sum, particularly earlier within the recreation when you want to outfit your celebration. Be sure to’re stealing and entreating beneficial gadgets, comparable to coin pouches and jewellery. Maintain off promoting outdated weapons except you may have one thing to exchange them with. Your energetic character may not want it, however in case you swap jobs for an additional character, they’ll want one thing to battle with.

After getting the cash, go to the harbor once more, and purchase the ship. Now, you’re free to sail the seas as you want. Take a look at the whirlpool to your east for starters. There’s a dungeon, an non-compulsory boss, and a secret job there.

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