Mii lovers, by no means hand over hope, because it seems that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom nonetheless makes use of them to make its NPCs.

Ah, Miis. Simply one of the best factor to come back out of the Wii, they had been an extremely enjoyable and foolish approach to make variations of you and your folks, even when they’re fairly restricted in what you’ll be able to really do. Nonetheless, they left an enduring impression on Wii house owners, as they nonetheless exist proper thus far, even having relevance due to the port of Miitopia on Nintendo Change in 2021. One factor you won’t find out about them is that Miis are literally the premise of a lot of the NPCs you discover in Breath of the Wild, with modding even letting you import Miis to customize the NPCs. Properly there’s some excellent news for Tears of the Kingdom gamers who had been hoping that may be the case within the sequel, as it’s!

As shared by Alice, or HEYimHeroic, who made the unique discovery for Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom makes use of the very same system to make a few of its extra generic human NPCs. “Identical to in Breath of the Wild, the human NPCs in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom use a complicated model of Miis!” wrote Alice on Twitter. “Modding the sport permits us to import Miis as Tears of the Kingdom NPCs!” They even offered some modded NPCs to point out you precisely what they imply, and sure, they did use the one and solely Matt (those that know, know).

It is a enjoyable little easter egg for those who wish to know a number of the behind the scenes bits, and I for one recognize it being somebody who spent an excessive amount of time making Miis as a child. I am additionally glad to see one thing so enjoyable return for Tears of the Kingdom, although I can not forgive the very fact you nonetheless cannot pet the canine (and also you cannot play as Zelda both).