Marvel Snap’s February 2023 seasonal meta has been dominated by MODOK, which implies discard decks have by no means been extra in model.

Many Snap decks fall into one among three archetypes: ramping as much as a giant combo or card on flip 5 – 6, establishing tempo early to take management of the tempo of the sport and lock down some places, or countering your opponent’s large combos or playing cards. Discard decks are likely to fall into the primary one — the playing cards you’re taking part in sometimes lead up to an enormous play on flip six. However there are just a few completely different variants of discard decks to concentrate on.

I believe the present best method to divide discard decks is into two classes: “Hela decks” and “Apocalypse decks.” A variety of Snap gamers are conversant in Apocalypse decks — Apocalypse is a strong card in Pool 1, and generally is a cornerstone for early decks. With the addition of MODOK to the sport, Apocalypse has seen a resurgence in Snap, as the 2 playing cards have pure synergy collectively. MODOK discards your hand, and Apocalypse needs to be discarded, so it’s a fantastic match for a robust flip six.

Hela is newer for lots of gamers, because the card is gated behind Pool 3. Hela decks have the next ceiling than Apocalypse decks, however a decrease flooring, due to the inherent randomness of the impact: Hela resurrects each card you discarded this sport in a random location. There’s a specific amount of randomness to which playing cards you’ll be able to discard every sport, after which there’s the problem of the place they get performed. However if you happen to handle to discard numerous highly effective playing cards earlier than you play Hela, your likelihood is fairly good you’ll like the tip end result.

Let’s begin with a rundown of among the finest playing cards to concentrate on within the discard rotation, earlier than moving into the Apocalypse versus Hela of all of it.

Good playing cards for discard decks normally

  • Woman Sif: A 3-cost, four-power card, Woman Sif is extraordinarily invaluable due to her impact, which discards the highest-cost card out of your hand on reveal. By taking out a great quantity of the randomness inherent to discard decks, you may have extra management over your endgame — you’ll be able to mainly assure discarding your Apocalypse or a high-value card you need to resurrect with Hela with Woman Sif.
  • Morbius: A two-cost, zero-power card, Morbius good points two energy each time you discard a card. If in case you have a deck constructed round discarding as many occasions as potential, Morbius will be the uncommon two-cost card that wins you a lane by itself. A good warning, although: Morbius’ impact is an ongoing one, which implies it may be nullified by Enchantress or stolen by Rogue.
  • Dracula: A four-cost, zero-power card, Dracula discards a card out of your hand on the finish of the sport and takes its energy. Probably the greatest playing cards in Snap, Dracula can simply win a location by itself in case you have the appropriate deck for it — both discarding an Apocalypse one remaining time and taking up its energy, or discarding a card like The Infinaut and gaining 20 energy with out having to fret concerning the “you’ll be able to’t play a card the flip earlier than” situation. Additionally in Dracula’s favor: the impact will not be ongoing (subsequently it’s proof against Enchantress), and because it occurs on the conclusion of the sport, it’s Shang-Chi-proof as effectively.
  • Sword Grasp and Hell Cow: These two aren’t essentially a combo bundle, however they’re good for a similar cause — they’ve excessive energy for his or her prices. Sword Grasp is a three-cost, six-power card that discards a random card in your hand, whereas Hell Cow is a four-cost, six-power card that discards two random playing cards in your hand. Usually talking, I believe these playing cards are higher in Hela decks, the place you’re attempting to discard a ton of playing cards (whereas in an Apocalypse deck you’re attempting to discard one card repeatedly), however they’re stable in each decks and will help you win lanes whereas additionally pursuing your final win situation.

MODOK’s Marvel Snap Card, with five cost and eight power.

Picture: Second Dinner/Nuverse

Good playing cards for Apocalypse decks

  • Colleen Wing and Swarm: A combo bundle, you’d undoubtedly need to take these two collectively if you happen to resolve to incorporate them. Colleen Wing’s impact is the alternative of Woman Sif’s, discarding the lowest-cost card out of your hand on reveal. Swarm, a two-cost, three-power card, creates two zero-cost duplicates of itself when discarded. So if you happen to play Colleen Wing with Swarm in your hand (when you haven’t any different two-costs or one-costs), you’re assured to get two free playing cards. It may not sound like a lot, nevertheless it may make all of the distinction on flip six, when you’ll be able to play a six-cost and two extra playing cards. These playing cards are much less good with a Hela deck, since you need Hela to resurrect extra highly effective playing cards.
  • Lockjaw: Playing cards performed on the identical location as Lockjaw shall be changed by one other card in your deck. This occurs after their “on reveal” impact, so you’ll be able to play lower-power discard playing cards like Blade, Gambit, and Woman Sif, make the most of their discard impact, after which additionally exchange them with (hopefully) a higher-power card in your board. This works significantly effectively with Colleen Wing and Swarm, as you should use your zero-cost Swarms on the Lockjaw location as effectively.

Good playing cards for Hela decks

  • Jubilee: Your Hela deck goes to incorporate too many highly effective playing cards to play, so that you’ll need to introduce different methods to place them on the board. Jubilee, who performs an extra card out of your deck, is a good way to herald a shock highly effective card, and will help you keep aggressive if you happen to don’t draw Hela.
  • Ghost Rider: Ghost Rider performs a card you discarded already — consider it as a mini-Hela. A fantastic combo is to play Woman Sif on flip three (discarding one among your large playing cards) after which Ghost Rider on flip 4 (taking part in that exact same discarded card).
  • The heavy hitters: Crucial a part of a Hela deck is all the massive playing cards you need to get resurrected. It’s the standard suspects; any card with a excessive energy will do the trick: The Infinaut, Giganto, Magneto, Dying, and Hulk all match the invoice. However if you happen to’re in search of one thing a bit of extra fascinating, Captain Marvel is one other enjoyable one to incorporate.
  • Invisible Girl: A Hela deck will be simple to learn, and when you begin discarding some main playing cards, a well-placed Cosmo or Shang-Chi can mess your entire day up. Invisible Girl will help you conceal that data till it’s too late, and leaves room so that you can play MODOK with Hela, since MODOK’s impact received’t happen till after the sport if performed behind Invisible Girl. Even with out Modok, you should use Invisible Girl for a few of your different discard results (like Hell Cow) to ensure you don’t by accident discard Hela.

One of the best Marvel Snap discard decks…

…in case you have MODOK:

A Marvel Snap deck with Morbius, Swarm, Colleen Wing, Lockjaw, Moon Knight, Lady Sif, Sword Master, Dracula, Hell Cow, MODOK, Apocalypse, America Chavez

Picture: Second Dinner/Nuverse through Polygon

The deck: Morbius, Swarm, Colleen Wing, Lockjaw, Moon Knight, Woman Sif, Sword Grasp, Dracula, Hell Cow, MODOK, Apocalypse, America Chavez

The aim: Dracula wins one lane by discarding Apocalypse after the sport is over, and also you win one other lane via a mixture of Morbius, MODOK, and your different high-powered playing cards. Your third lane is for Lockjaw to play as many discard results as potential. America Chavez is right here as a security valve, particularly if you happen to don’t draw Apocalypse.

Alternates value contemplating: Gambit, Wolverine

…if you happen to don’t have MODOK:

A Marvel Snap deck with Zabu, Lady Sif, Sword Master, Jubilee, Ghost Rider, Hell Cow, Captain Marvel, Magneto, Hela, Giganto, The Infinaut, Death

Picture: Second Dinner/Nuverse through Polygon

The deck: Zabu, Woman Sif, Sword Grasp, Jubilee, Ghost Rider, Hell Cow, Captain Marvel, Magneto, Hela, Giganto, The Infinaut, Dying

The aim: Get as lots of your large playing cards on the board as potential. Woman Sif and Ghost Rider are an important combo, and Jubilee additionally helps. However the principle factor is discarding your large playing cards with Woman Sif, Sword Grasp, and Hell Cow, in order that Hela can revive all of them on the finish. One necessary phrase of warning: Be cautious of taking part in Jubilee earlier than taking part in Woman Sif or one other discard card, until you have already got Ghost Rider in your hand. Drawing Ghost Rider with Jubilee is a surefire method to have a nasty time with this deck.

Alternates value contemplating: Morbius, Dracula, Hulk, Invisible Girl

Lastly, listed below are some newbie discard decks for gamers not but in Pool 3.

One of the best Marvel Snap Pool 2 discard deck

A Marvel Snap deck with Blade, Iceman, Ant-Man, Nightcrawler, Swarm, Morbius, Wolverine, Sword Master, Bishop, Lady Sif, America Chavez, Apocalypse

Picture: Second Dinner/Nuverse through Polygon

The deck: Blade, Iceman, Ant-Man, Nightcrawler, Swarm, Morbius, Wolverine, Sword Grasp, Bishop, Woman Sif, America Chavez, Apocalypse

The aim: Discard Apocalypse as many occasions as potential, or Wolverine and Swarm if you happen to can’t. Bishop or Morbius can win you your non-Apocalypse different lane, relying on whether or not you’re drawing your discard playing cards or your good one-cost playing cards.

Alternates value contemplating: Sunspot, Yondu, Angela. When you’re in Pool 1, you’re higher off ready to get extra items earlier than taking part in a discard deck. Attempt taking part in one among these newbie’s Marvel Snap decks as a substitute.

Pleased discarding!


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