Right now we’re getting actually actually small (or actually actually massive) and preventing crime and monsters with Ant-Man.

The following Ant-Man film is across the nook and trailers have been dropping. That is undoubtedly a personality that each one of us have been prepared to write down off earlier than his first film, however Scott Lang has changed into one of many extra enjoyable and relatable heroes within the MCU.

Sadly for our DM’s although, generally “relatable” means “chaotic however tries actually arduous and thinks their humorous.” Which is (sadly) most of us on the desk. So long as all people is having enjoyable it’s okay, so let’s lean into it by enjoying D&D this week with…


by way of Marvel

Over time, there have been a few Ant-Males, and so they’re all pretty completely different from each other. They’re even completely different between the live-action MCU and their comedian e book counterparts. Truthfully, it’s in all probability for the most effective and there have been just a few elements of Hank Pym’s story that in all probability have been higher unnoticed of the MCU, however it makes for a little bit of a muddled character.

Which Ant-Man are we making? After which which model? MCU Scott Lang might be essentially the most enjoyable for the at-the-table dynamic, however in follow, the character we ended up with is a little more of an amalgam.

For any Ant-Man, there are just a few elements you’ll undoubtedly have to see on the paper. He wants to have the ability to shrink or develop, and he wants to speak with if not command a complete bunch of ants. Chances are you’ll even say a complete swarm of them. So we began with Swarmkeeper Ranger.

It’s a bit on the nostril, however bugs are a type of swarm to maintain, and these swarms aid you in battle and can even take harm. They’re helpful and precisely what we want for this character.

From right here I knew that Ant-Man needed to have one other facet, and I used to be contemplating Rogue for a bit. It matches his persona and background. However I wanted to include the Enlarge/Scale back spell someway and it’s not a spell on each class record. Most notably, it is a spell that I may get with Bard or Artificer, and each of those may work. Bard would give us the sensible quips, however Artificer would assist with the facility armor and arduous science.

by way of Marvel

This was a little bit of a back-and-forth as a result of realistically, Lang doesn’t make any a part of his go well with, the remainder of the Ant-Fam has the science squarely dealt with. However in a recreation, I can’t promise what NPCs your Dungeon Grasp will introduce and your character might have to be slightly extra self-sufficient. It was a tricky alternative, however I opted with Artificer ultimately. I took as few ranges as I may to get second-level spells for Enlarge/Scale back and known as it a day.

Sadly this received’t permit you to get fairly quantum sized, and even ant sized, however it’s a begin.

How would you make Ant Man in D&D? Are you excited for Quantumania? Which Ant Man is your favourite? Tell us within the feedback!

 Completely satisfied Adventuring!


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