Lately, an internet occasion for Alhaitham’s launch made gamers match books from his studying checklist to its associated ‘Darshan.’ The Darshans are the colleges of the Genshin Impression Sumeru Akademiya, analogous to programs in faculty. You can even consider it like the homes in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, however with a further two and fewer hate and rivalry between them. College students could have antagonistic relationships with college students of one other Darshan. Nonetheless, that won’t mirror the sentiments of the entire college of studying itself.

It may be difficult to get all of them straight, so here’s a information and outline of every Darshan. We’ll additionally checklist some notable characters that belong in every.

Amurta – Biology (Inexperienced)

Because the research of life, college students concern themselves with biology, ecology, and medication. It’s the first Darshan to be established, originating from Better Lord Rukkhadevata’s helpers in cultivating the rainforest. Amurta stays probably the most distinguished Darshan in present occasions.

They’ve a constructing devoted to their research referred to as the Pardis Dhyai, ‘the backyard of meditation.’ It’s crammed with greenhouses and crops and is the placement of many seminars held by the Darshan. Although Tighnari has left the Akademiya to change into a Forest Ranger, he nonetheless speaks about caring for the rainforest in Pardis Dhyai. The Birmastan, as a hospital within the metropolis, can also be associated to the Amurta.

Notable Amurta Characters:

  • Tighnari
  • Khedive (Chasm exploration NPC)
  • Khayyam (Aranara questline NPC)

Haravatat – Semiotics (Black)

This Darshan is worried with the research of historical languages. It places them in a battle of strategy with Vahumana students, because the latter is targeted on historical past. The opposite college thinks their system is simply too slim and particular, whereas Haravatat college students assume they’re being too generalist. Since this college is without doubt one of the smallest, you hardly see college students from this Darshan.

Notable Haravatat Characters:

  • Alhaitham
  • Faruzan
  • Yavanani (frequent apple requester in Sumeru’s Bounty Board)

Kshahrewar – Know-how (White)

In our world, engineers and designers are among the many most respectable jobs. For a very long time, it was so in Teyvat. Kshahrewar students considerably improved the dwelling high quality of Sumeru’s folks. They have been those to create the one-story versatile buildings you may see all through the town. Plus, the nation’s textile trade boomed by way of their analysis into creating looms.

Pir Kavikavus, a famend Kshahrewar researcher, pioneered many applied sciences. Sadly, whereas researching the Destroy Golem in Devantaka Mountain, an accident occurred and all his analysis was misplaced. Issues have been by no means the identical for the Darshan afterward. Strict management for equipment and know-how was applied, severely limiting the analysis areas of students.

Because of this, they grew to become underfunded as a result of want for extra analysis subjects they might produce. That created a vicious cycle the place they couldn’t analysis new issues with out funds. Nonetheless, they don’t have funds as a result of they couldn’t do analysis.

Their saving grace is the service provider Dori, who funded the development of the Palace of Alcazararay. She would additionally desire to work with Kshahrewar students, discovering them extra cheap than the opposite colleges.

Notable Ksharewar Characters:

  • Kaveh
  • Moseis/Beynuni (Nahida Story Quest unique character)
  • Jazari (Aranara questline NPC)

Rtawahist – Astrology/Illuminationism (Blue)

If Mona had ever change into a Sumeru scholar, she’d be on this Darshan. Rtawahist students research the celebs and celestial our bodies, making an attempt to see fact and future by way of the skies. Astrology and astronomy are a part of what they be taught, although in addition they permit different fortune-telling strategies.

Notable Rtawahist Characters:

  • Layla
  • Haypasia (Archon Quest important NPC)
  • Azar (former Grand Sage of the Akademiya)

Spantamad – Elementalism (Crimson)

From a participant’s viewpoint, this is perhaps probably the most fascinating Darshan. Spantamad students concern themselves with the weather, alchemy, the Ley Strains, and Irminsul. As a result of nature of their subjects, it’s the Darshan with probably the most Driyosh, college students who’re out doing fieldwork.

Notable Spantamad Characters:

  • Lisa
  • Cyno (implied)
  • Hosseini (recurring occasion NPC)

Vahumana – Etiology (Yellow)

The Vahumana may be described as lore keepers or historians. They research the causation of occasions, searching for to generalize historical past to get perception into the current. Different social sciences additionally fall into their class of research, resembling economics and a little bit of psychology.

Their analysis takes them to discover ruins, innovate meals preservation, and even stop overfishing.

Notable Vahumana Characters:

  • Aqaba (Archon Quest unique NPC)
  • Kalantari (World Quest’ Previous Notes and New Associates’ unique NPC)
  • Tirzad (World Quest’ Golden Slumber’ unique NPC)

The Matra and Mahamata

Although not a part of the six Darshans, they deserve point out because the disciplinary drive of the Akademiya. They’re feared by the scholars, as they punish these caught plagiarizing or utilizing funds for non-Akademiya-related issues. The Mahamata handles administrative duties and searches for unlawful sources of Canned Data and, presumably, smuggled books. In addition they managed the dissemination of knowledge to the general public by way of the now-defunct Akasha System.

The Matra investigates all analysis and decides whether or not to ban a specific subject that would result in an instructional ‘sin.’ There are six sins students should not do:

  • Interfering with human evolution
  • Tampering with life and loss of life
  • Delving past the universe
  • Investigating the origin of phrases
  • Revering gods with out acts of devotion
  • Divulging secrets and techniques and not using a trace of concern

Any scholar, researcher, or scholar caught taking part in these sins faces punishment heavier than different offenses incur. Regardless of a excessive place or good repute, transgressors face imprisonment or expulsion from the Akademiya.

Whereas Matra doesn’t have strict necessities to change into one, the Mahamata are explicitly Akademiya graduates. An instance is Cyno, who studied below the identical mentor as Lisa, establishing his place as a former scholar. Nonetheless, a message on one of many varied boards criticizes Cyno for not having a repute as a famed researcher.

Notable Matra:

  • Cyno (as Common Mahamatra)
  • Alhaitham (the Scribe, a part of the Mahamata; the Appearing Grand Sage as of three.4)
  • Afratu (World Quest’ Afratu’s Dilemma’ unique NPC)
  • Shohre (Matra stationed on the Home of Daena)

Fascinating Trivia and Lore

Every Darshan is headed by a Nice Sage, whereas the Grand Sage leads the entire group. There’s a fierce struggle among the many Sages in regards to the succession of the latter place. Nonetheless, the small print of the method aren’t talked about. They type a council that oversees the administration of the Akasha System and the governance of the entire nation.

After the occasions of the Archon Quest, the council is stripped naked as the bulk colluded with the plan to make a brand new god. Alhaitham was provided the place of Grand Sage, however he turned it down. Nonetheless, he ended up with the job, briefly.

In-game, if you see a scholar, their hat denotes which Darshan they’re from. A round portion of the clothes would bear the college’s emblem, and a woven thread has the colour. Nonetheless, there are extra NPC college students and not using a hat than with one. Sages have a distinct uniform that doesn’t have an identical figuring out mark.

Cyno’s voice line about Lisa explicitly states that he studied below the identical mentor as her. This assumes that he was a part of the Spantamad as a scholar. Nonetheless, there could possibly be interdisciplinary students who may mentor college students from totally different Darshans, which nonetheless offers uncertainty to Cyno’s former Darshan.

Regardless of being in Haravatat, Faruzan leans towards Kshahrewar in curiosity. She grew to become trapped within the time bubble on account of wanting to resolve a puzzle, one thing that’s within the realm of the latter Darshan. Many Kshahrewar students ask her for assist and typically even ask her to switch colleges. Nonetheless, she insists on staying in Haravatat.

Alhaitham and Kaveh are a pair of Haravatat and Kshahrewar roommates with contrasting personalities. The previous thinks by way of logic and rationality, whereas the opposite places extra significance on feelings and emotions. It’s highlighted additional by their respective shade schemes (black for Alhaitham and white for Kaveh), that are additionally their Darshan colours. Even their accent shade is the alternative within the shade wheel (inexperienced and crimson, respectively)!

As of three.4, there are a number of playable characters from virtually the entire Darshans:

  • Tighnari (Amurta)
  • Alhaitham and Faruzan (Haravatat)
  • Layla (Rtawahist)
  • Kaveh (Kshahrewar, implied by his design however no official announcement but)
  • Cyno (implied Spantamad)

Solely Vahumana is left if Cyno actually was from Spantamad.

The six Darshans appear to correspond to a sin or make it in order that delving too deep can result in one:

  • Interfering with human evolution (Amurta)
  • Tampering with life and loss of life (Kshahrewar)
  • Delving past the universe (Rtawahist)
  • Investigating the origin of phrases (Haravatat)
  • Revering gods with out acts of devotion (Vahumana)
  • Divulging secrets and techniques and not using a trace of concern (Spantamad)

Although human evolution, life, and loss of life all fall below Amurta, tampering with the latter falls below Kshahrewar. In any case, in a non-magical world, what would you utilize to delay your life? Know-how. Alternatively, you may swap them, which might nonetheless make sense (physique modification know-how and/or medicines to delay life).

By researching the Irminsul, Spantamad students may discover particular info that may trigger panic and widespread havoc. In the event that they don’t have concern in making that public, they’ll trigger unimaginable chaos. Contemplating that its corruption got here from indescribable and incomprehensible information from past, holding this stuff a secret is prudent.

As for Vahumana, varied topics about faith fall below some social sciences, and that is the college that research these. All Akademiya students are fairly rigorous of their analysis, and it may be simple for spiritual rituals to fall by the wayside. The others have extra obvious connections (Rtawahist and what’s past the sky, Haravatat and the origin of language).

Whereas there may be correspondence, that doesn’t signify causality. Which means college students from any Darshan are at all times at risk of committing any of those sins. They’re simply extra more likely to do another than the others.

Apparently, with the reveal that Katheryne is a bionic puppet, somebody had already succeeded in making a mechanical life type. Then once more, it was carried out outdoors the Akademiya borders, making the foundations moot. Nonetheless, Katheryne isn’t alive within the truest sense of the phrase, simply doing what she’s programmed to do. Her life (or lack thereof) is a dialogue for a distinct article.

That’s all for the Darshans of the Akademiya. Hope you realized one thing and that this made it simpler to determine and acknowledge them. Proceed having enjoyable taking part in Genshin Impression!


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