Concept art shows a Warlock armband.

Picture: Bungie

Future 2 has gotten a bunch of hotfixes for the reason that Lightfall enlargement launched a number of weeks in the past, however none like yesterday’s replace. A repair not talked about within the patch notes secretly modified the sport’s latest Warlock armband armor to make it look much less like a vagina.

Bond of Detestation is a category merchandise that drops from Future 2‘s new Root of Nightmares raid that went dwell on March 10 and focuses on Nezarec, an previous disciple of the sport’s arch antagonist, The Witness. Up till Thursday it may have been mistaken for an alien fleshlight, largely due to a small horizontal slit throughout the entrance of it.

It kind of appears to be like like an eyeball, perhaps, probably not. Its resemblance to a vulva was particularly noticeable when sure shaders had been utilized. Gamers urged all types of names for it–Witnussy, Nezussy, Nezzylight–however “Bondussy” was the one which caught.

As first reported by Forbes’ Paul Tassi, Bungie has now stepped in to take the sexy down a notch. This week’s hotfix addressed numerous bugs. The largest change from the patch notes was a repair for the notorious Thresher gunships that had been murdering gamers all through the photo voltaic system. Fully unmentioned was the truth that the hotfix additionally eliminated the Bondussy’s slit to make it look a lot much less suggestive. It’s kind of now only a big area pearl.

Stealth content material modifications and visible changes like this are uncommon, partly as a result of the Future 2 group is hyper delicate to each little shift in its sci-fi universe. Bungie eliminated a bit of armor again in 2017 as a result of it had an alt-right image on it with Nazi origins. Bondussy wasn’t hate speech, although it clearly should have run afoul of Bungie’s broader creative intentions for the raid armor. Or perhaps the studio simply didn’t just like the nickname “Bondussy.”