Whereas searching Elden Ring’s Steam itemizing (opens in new tab) the opposite day, PCG’s eagle-eyed Ted Litchfield noticed one thing fascinating concerning the recreation’s Basic Grievous-armed snow witch spouse. The web page features a breakdown of what proportion of the playerbase has garnered a given achievement, and on the subject of the endgame trophies it seems all of us love a witch.

Ranni’s the identify, and introducing infinite chill to the world of Elden Ring is the sport. I am not going to get into the deepest lore specifics however Ranni’s questline (opens in new tab) is a protracted and concerned one the place it is easy to overlook steps, and takes you to a few of the most secret areas in The Lands Between and thru some hidden bosses. I might say it is one of many recreation’s best-kept secrets and techniques, however clearly I am mistaken.