Easy Sandbox Economics – 4 Ideas

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A GM had this tip request: Any concepts of emulating/monitoring a strong financial system in osr model sandboxes? Good query. Listed below are a number of ideas after which I’ll finish with some assets.

Create a Treasure Price range

I name this Treasure Crawl in my sandbox creation guidelines. Forecast at every stage or tier, to the projected finish of your marketing campaign, the whole treasure you goal handy out in gp.

For instance, I forecast treasure to be 25% of XP in my OSE sport. For Stage 2, the PCs want 1,500, 2,200, 4,000, and 1,200 XPs = 8900 – 25% = 2,225 gp in treasure factors as a “stage 2 financial system”.

We do that as a result of the occasion will almost certainly be the principle supply of financial disruption in a area. A treasure price range additionally provides you an superior journey planning software.

Stock Each day Markets

We wish adventures, not accounting. However to win at each, make a Items & Providers desk to your milieu. How a lot does stuff value? How a lot do completely different jobs earn? Share this with gamers to allow them to plan purchases, work out how a lot to pay, tip, or bribe, and information you in each day transactions.

Plan Your Markets

Resolve the place transactions happen. In OSR we don’t need _shopping mall D&D_, so that is our likelihood to theme and elegance our financial system. For instance, within the PCs’ house base of Fairehill there’s an inn, common dealer, and smith. Locals barter. Magic merchandise markets are through brokers throughout the Basilica dungeon, particular person NPCs, or through two-week journey again to Ravenwall.

Observe Your Transactions

Report all the things the occasion purchases and sells. Mine these for plot hooks, but additionally use them to see how provide and demand have an effect on shortage and costs. In Fairehill, weeks away from the closest metropolis, I’ve doubled costs listed within the guidelines. And I observe all transactions through my Session Log in Marketing campaign Logger utilizing the $Tag for fast reporting.

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Listed below are a number of assets to assist create a strong financial system:

The following tips and assets ought to provide you with a stable basis to extrapolate an financial system from. I hope this helps.


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