On this Cultist Astronaut devlog, we delve into Sludge Haven’s distinctive NPCs, intriguing artifacts, the difficult Anyone Boss, and provide a sneak peek at a key/lock mechanic.

Hey, Cultists!

We’re again with extra insights into the darkish and mysterious world of Cultist Astronaut. At present, we’ll journey deeper into Sludge Haven’s design, dissecting our distinctive NPCs, unveiling the importance of artifacts, and previewing the daunting Anyone boss.

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Part 1: The Inhabitants of Sludge Haven – Shared Variables and Character Depth

In Sludge Haven, you may encounter a handful of NPCs, every with distinct tales and roles. Let’s dive deeper into three of those characters: the Eldritch Vacationer, Lance, and Jerry.

  • The Eldritch Vacationer, a fraction of the God of Doom, isn’t simply there for an occasional counsel. This character is deeply intertwined together with your journey, monitoring your interactions with different NPCs.
  • Lance is not merely a stoic Goatling offering historic trivia. Lance’s interactions with you’re designed to replicate your understanding and information in regards to the world of Sludge Haven and its inhabitants.
  • Then, there’s Jerry, a ‘No person’ managing to retain a sliver of id in a world flooded with Imposters. His persona and interplay will evolve primarily based in your selections.

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Part 2: Treasures in Trash – Artifacts of Sludge Haven

Our new artifacts are greater than non-obligatory treasures; they’re lore-filled gems that inform the story of Sludge Haven and the Imposter cult.

We’ve three distinctive artifacts to showcase: the Tacklebox, the Cracked Mirror, and the Glowing Scale.

  • The Tacklebox: This artifact turns into accessible relying on the tales you hear of Fisher Lee from different NPCs. Every story you accumulate paves the best way to unlock new layers of Sludge Haven’s historical past. This tacklebox comprises fishing provides and an image of Fisher Lee along with his buddies on the bar. This artifact has sunken into the depths of a lake and requires Lee himself to fish it out.
  • The Cracked Mirror: This mirror was shattered by an Imposter who surprisingly started to regain their sense of self whereas peering into it. You could find this merchandise within the “Six Falls” secret room which requires you to observe the trash by means of a sequence of doorways. Should you get the sequence unsuitable, you’ll have to combat a wave of enemies. Should you get the sequence proper, you’ll find the hidden room.
  • The Glowing Scale: That is obtainable from the Nice God Fish. These glowing scales are mentioned to be the supply of the fish’s longevity, misleading nature, and narcissism. You may meet the Nice God fish beneath the depths of the Spire. Should you assault the egotistical fish sufficient occasions, it should cut price for its life with certainly one of its scales.

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Part 3: Battling the Anyone Boss: Juggling A number of AIs

Subsequent, we’re excited to share extra particulars in regards to the Anyone Boss.

This boss stands out due to its distinctive means to imitate a number of personalities. The complexity extends to the corpses it possesses, every with its personal AI (conduct tree) that we swap on and off because the worm jumps between our bodies.

The totally different corpses the Anyone Boss can management, such because the Spore Mage, Flying Gunner, and Goatling, every deliver a singular means to the boss’s arsenal, including depth and problem to the battle.

  • The primary corpse is a Goatling Captain who was Lance’s Squad Chief. This Goatling is bigger than common and sports activities a heavy go well with, making it very sturdy. The anyone mimics the participant and poses because the gun arm, and makes use of horizontal lash assaults.
  • Second is the Flying Gunner. This corpse was an alien cat with a heli-pack and a rifle. Anyone can manipulate this physique to hover round and assault you from a distance. As well as, the Flying Gunner can have the potential to drop grenades from above.
  • The third kind is the Shroom Mage, a corpse infested with fungus and draped in mystical robes. This stationary kind assaults from the room’s heart, casting spore spells that trigger mushrooms to sprout all through the world.

Closing Ideas

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Sneak Peak: Door of Denial

Earlier than we conclude, we have got a sneak peek of a sport mechanic we’re engaged on – a key / lock mechanism with a unusual twist.

Think about this: a door with an id disaster. Sure, a door that denies its very essence. As you try to persuade it of its actuality, it dismisses your claims, refusing to budge.

The answer lies within the “Mirror Key,” a singular merchandise that displays the door’s true self again at it. Presenting this key to the door forces it to confront its id, finally reverting it again to its regular state and permitting passage. This is not only a lock and key; it is a narrative woven into the gameplay.

Here is a glimpse into the early progress of this characteristic:

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