Welcome to We Exist! This primary improvement replace will talk our objectives with this venture, what we’ve achieved to date in early improvement, and what you may count on out of our zombie survival sport. Sure, we used the forbidden two phrases–however it’s one thing we consider we are able to make compelling, refreshing, or on the very least acquainted however not performed out.

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Growth Log #1 March nineteenth 2023

Welcome to We Exist! This primary improvement replace will talk our objectives with this venture, what we’ve achieved to date in early improvement, and what you may count on out of our zombie survival sport. Sure, we used the forbidden two phrases–however it’s one thing we consider we are able to make compelling, refreshing, or on the very least acquainted however not performed out.

We’re so excited to point out you what we’ve got developed to date, and what we hope to perform on our wishlist for We Exist’s additional improvement.



We Exist at its core takes nice inspiration from the survival looter-shooter style. We grew up enjoying these video games keen to construct bases, combat over sources, and navigate a hostile open world. This venture was made to refine and enhance on what we took away from these foundational properties and create an entire co-op and aggressive expertise.



We Exist is about years after a lethal virus ravages the world. The remnants of humanity exist in nomadic holding patterns the world over–trying to find refuge and paradise that now not exist– or held up in spectacular fortresses and hideouts that finally grow to be their tombs.


Wherever nature has overtaken human civilization, the useless roam. Their bites are contaminated with the Nieuhof Virus, an aggressive viral illness that takes maintain of its victims virtually as if it is alive. It has gestated within the zombies they possess, reworking their hosts with unusual mutations which are virtually otherworldly.

You and different gamers are survivors residing in Bella County, Oregon. Many survivors name it the Origin Zone, the place the virus had its first outbreak from containment. The Origin Zone is flush with wildlife, and the West Coast’s wealthy ecosystem has solely flourished after civilization’s finish–regardless of the rotting corpses roaming via it. Factions dwell in giant outposts and fortresses all through the southern Oregon wilderness, clinging to outdated dogma or surrendering to brutal savagery. Their stockpiles could lend you a few years of life, or no less than just a few extra items to commerce with pleasant retailers and fellow survivors.

There are few legal guidelines that bind males now, save three; Steal To Dwell, Battle To Steal, and Battle To Kill. Do as your fellow survivor would and take as a lot as you may match in your individual. However brotherhood makes for lighter work, and it is arduous to show down a pair additional fingers to construct your preferrred shelter.

It looks like humanity has reached its twilight, however maybe we’ve got by no means felt extra alive. We combat for what stays of the world that after was. We construct to guard ourselves and our personal. It’s why we stay, and why We Exist.


“‘Not sufficient weapons?’ Do you perceive how silly you sound? We bought extra weapons on this nation than we do individuals. Hell, flip over a rock and also you’ll discover a 9 millimeter. Come on, son. Let’s present these zeds why we don’t have common well being care.”- Unknown Survivor

OTS Aiming

We Exist hopes to offer gamers with responsive and satisfying fight. Testing the present occasion of weapons within the sport is underway, together with weighted semi-realistic ballistics and a weapon attachment system. Ammo is scarce in our world and you’ll want to take advantage of out of each bullet, however there will likely be extra alternatives to barter and craft ammo to actually construct up your stockpile.

Melee fight is on our sights as effectively, and we hope to introduce directional fight to permit exact management with each swing in future updates in addition to a modification system to permit for artistic zed and participant killing combos.


“Duck and canopy was by no means gonna assist in opposition to a bomb. However it’s helpful recommendation just about in all places else.”

Rough Wood Base

Gamers will be capable of carve out a bit of the Origin Zone to start constructing the shelter of their desires. Supplies for constructing your base, similar to wooden, could be harvested all through the Oregon wilderness. Be cautious, as different gamers can destroy partitions and entry your property except you safe your amenities. We plan on making bases a difficult, however rewarding expertise by requiring extra objects from looting (like nails) to actually construct your final stronghold!


“I informed you, it’s not grave robbing if he was alive earlier than we bought right here!”

Lucky Loot

Most if not all your time will likely be spent scavenging ruins or raiding enemy bases for provides and ammunition. Relying in your luck, you may strike out with tools that sticks with you for a very long time…or another person picks it off your corpse. We at the moment have a grid stock system that provides sections based mostly on what garments/gear you might be sporting, so it is possible for you to rapidly broaden your carrying capability with every bit you add.


“Earlier than this, I dealt with gross sales at Lowman & Sons. I had to decide on my job or choosing berries off a farm for a residing, I’d simply reasonably be useless.” Cameron Lowe, berry farmer, Origin Zone.


Hub zones are scattered all through the map that permit gamers to commerce supplies for provides and unique belongings that is perhaps arduous to amass all through the Origin Zone. There are even hubs which are arduous to entry and troublesome to search out, however have obtained uncommon and costly objects that aren’t out there within the hub world.


“We had believed the virus terminated the specimen’s mind alerts whereas leaving the physique in an animated frenzy. Continued remark verifies this and a lot extra…”- Excerpt of TRA Profile on Specimen Zero

Often, survivors will come into contact with zombies which have mutated highly effective skills. These creatures can’t be killed alone, and it might take the mixed energy of gamers to efficiently get rid of these threats. Success results in larger rewards, as trophies received from these anomalies could be traded for highly effective weapons and objects.


“Anybody listening? Keep away from the Lengthy Guard–except you need to select between demise or taxes.” Nameless Radio Message

Roaming throughout the Origin Zone are hostile factions of survivors that gamers must have interaction with. They strike out from fortified strongholds which have lasted because the fall of civilization; clearing them out will will let you entry stockpiles of loot. Every faction presents distinctive challenges from paramilitary organizations to chemical-addled fumigators.


“Hey, gang! Glad to report I’m nonetheless alive and kicking! I’m again from one other run into the town and open for enterprise. First come, first function all the time…and have I bought a shock for you.” Zed, Unique Dealer, Origin Zone

Along with buying and selling zones and enemy factions, gamers may even encounter nomadic merchants. They could provide perception into probably the most harmful components of the Origin Zone, and grant you entry to hidden vaults in case you are fast sufficient to get them first.

That’s all we’ve got to debate this time, however comply with our web page for future updates and bulletins for We Exist.

We’d like to offer our due to the entire Unreal Engine Asset Creators that we’ve got bought belongings from to assist visualize components of our venture. As a small workforce, it makes it a lot simpler to develop our imaginative and prescient to the size we aspire to.

*Wishlist options are deliberate options that we’d love to incorporate on launch, however are topic to additional software.