New demo, bug fixes, and like 1,000,000 different modifications.

Demo has been up to date! There may be truly like, means an excessive amount of to record right here because the final construct, however I’ll throw down some highlights:


– Added a lightweight character editor
– Further Otter armors
– Splitscreen is much less damaged (most likely)
– Wall bouncing and sliding is again in
– Now you can use floor pillar magic by double tapping the house bar (assuming you are near the bottom)
– Added a lightweight ‘defend’ system that may be buffed with steel magic
– Mounted some animation points
– Mounted enemy drop charges
– Loads of fight modifications
– Modified the dialogue system immensely

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Whew, nothing too loopy, however hopefully this yr deliver just a few thrilling issues.

Home windows Demo
Zofia 0.63s DEMO (Windows)

Linux Demo
Zofia 0.63s DEMO (Linux)