The Moon, the Fantasy, the Legend — Selûne, Faerûn’s moon goddess is historic and mysterious. And for the youngsters.

Selûne is each Faerûn’s moon and likewise the goddess thereof. And, because the moon has completely different phases of waxing and waning, so too has Selûne, the goddess shifted over the eons.

In historic Netheril, Selûne was a higher goddess. Selûne dominated over the moon and stars, magnificence and purity, love and marriage, navigation, monitoring, wanderers, seekers, diviners and dreamers, good and impartial lycanthropes, and autumn. And although her portfolio is smaller in “trendy” Faerun, Selûne stays a goddess of thriller and tides.

Just like the altering Moon, Selûne too had completely different kinds and natures. They alter with the shifting of the phases of the moon. One kind is likely to be the Night time White Woman. One other–She Who Guides.

Selûne – Look and Character

All of her kinds are lovely, although in their very own proper. In her icons and avatars, Selûne seems in lots of kinds. The three most typical are a dusky-skinned human lady, lovely and radiant with ivory hair. One other is an ethereal maiden, a younger lady with darkish eyes and darkish hair. And the third, maybe most notable, avatar/kind was that of a matronly lady, darkish hair streaked grey, who might most frequently be discovered protecting her inn.

No matter her kind, Selûne’s kind appeared to develop to full radiance or age and fade away in step with the waxing or waning of the moon.

So too did Selûne have many altering moods and natures. At occasions she may very well be enthusiastic and majestic, as exuberant because the rising tides. At different occasions, her persona was extra subdued and poetic. As tranquil and embracing as a full moon. And at nonetheless different occasions, she would appear to wane. Weighed down by historic woes and contemporary sorrows. Even fierce or aggressive and chilly, with no mercy for individuals who opposed her or her followers.

However such occasions have been uncommon. And for essentially the most half, Selûne is thought to be a peaceful, and benevolent energy.

Selûne’s Domains

As Selûne guidelines over the Moon and Moonlight, so too does she management the tide and lycanthropy. Within the days of Netheril, she was seen as a information. A beacon for ships misplaced at sea, a balm for vacationers misplaced within the wilds in an in any other case darkish and hostile forest. Even then, she was in fixed battle along with her sister Shar, goddess of darkness. The 2 powers mirrored the differing points of darkness, each soothing however cloaking.

A Historical past of the Moon

Relying on the tales you consider, Selûne is among the oldest deities in Faerun. She is alleged to originate throughout the earliest days of the universe. Amid the chaos and timeless nothingness, when the crystal sphere of Faerun was full of not more than dim, misty shadows. Earlier than gentle and darkish had even separated themselves.

There, Selûne and her sister Shar got here into being. The dual goddesses embody gentle and darkish in two completely different points. The 2 are stated to be those who created Abeir-Toril out of the cosmic ether left of their wake.

However who is aware of what actually occurred within the days earlier than life? All of the sages can agree on is that each Selûne and Shar warred with one another over the destiny of the world. Life and heat vs. darkish and relaxation. Right here the opposite gods come into being, maybe. Or are known as into Faerun. Once more, the fact is difficult when one universe bleeds into one other.

At any price, at this time Selûne is a well-liked deity throughout Faerun. Her clergymen and priestesses make pilgrimages all through the continent, bringing hope to individuals in determined occasions.

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