Light giants with a fey leaning, Firbolgs have the potential to be one of the crucial attention-grabbing and sophisticated characters in your occasion.

Firbolgs are a kind of playable races that you just both love or don’t know something in any respect about. They began out in First Version’s Monster Handbook II and have not too long ago made a number of appearances in common precise play podcasts. However let’s speak about what taking part in a Firbolg would appear to be and why they might be your subsequent selection for a personality.

“Firbolgs are fey-oriented half-giants. Their tribes cloister in distant forest strongholds, preferring to spend their days in quiet concord with the woods. When provoked, firbolgs show formidable expertise with weapons and druidic magic.”



Should you didn’t know higher, it may very well be straightforward to get the improper thought about Firbolg based mostly on the ‘the massive man is silly’ trope that we fortunately appear to be transferring away from as a group. And with large ancestry, Firbolg may be fairly huge in comparison with people. Coming in between seven and eight toes tall and 240 to 300 kilos they’ll possible be among the many taller members of your occasion.

So it’s no shock that Firbolgs get a +1 Power enhance proper out of the gate and have a bigger carrying capability than different medium races. However it’s possible you’ll not know that additionally they include a +2 Knowledge rating, the flexibility to solid Detect Magic and Disguise Self, the flexibility to speak with some vegetation and beasts, and three languages between Widespread, Elvish, and Large. And oh yeah, they will flip invisible quickly.


Finest Courses

Firbolgs are fey-leaning half-giants with a penchant for spending time within the woods, so it’s straightforward to go together with Druid for them. And with their background, this is able to in all probability be a fairly enjoyable solution to play them. However wildshape wouldn’t can help you preserve all of that further power, so that you’d wish to watch out which Druid circles you selected from.

As a substitute, Firbolgs are very effectively suited to be Clerics and Barbarians. The excessive power and knowledge work completely with Clerics, whereas excessive power is at all times a boon for a Barbarian.

Lastly, between their love of the woods and skill to quickly flip invisible, Ranger could also be a really strong choose in your Firbolg’s class. They’d wish to go together with a Duel-Wielding and strength-based Ranger over a long-ranged one, although.


Ideas and Methods

Firbolgs are complicated characters who’re good for no matter complicated backstory you’re cooking up. They’re essentially the most clever of the enormous folks and are identified for being considerate, calm, and sort. They’re in all probability not going to be one of many roving homicide adventurers that D&D is so identified for. However with excessive power, they’re extra suited to front-line work than long-range. It is a character that you just’d need to put somewhat extra work and thought into, however I feel it additionally has the potential to be one of the crucial attention-grabbing and rewarding characters to play.


Have you ever performed a Firbolg character or had one in your occasion? What class would you choose in your Firbolg character? Which version’s tackle them is your favourite? Tell us within the feedback!

Comfortable Adventuring!


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