Why accept one moon, when, just like the world of Krynn, you can have three? Right here’s what it is advisable know concerning the Moons of Dragonlance.

Dragonlance took every part everybody beloved concerning the concept of fantasy tales, particularly within the Eighties, and tossed it in a blender set to “molecularize.” That’s to say, they didn’t reinvent the wheel, however as an alternative used that freed-up time to see what number of extra wheels they may match. Dragons, dragon gods, dragon dudes. The checklist goes on. However surprisingly, for a world about dragons, it has simply as a lot about Wizards. And each Wizard must know concerning the magical moons. Particularly in a world like Krynn, the place there are numerous.

As a result of Dragonlance goes all in on moons. The truth is, it goes all in on magic moons. A lot in order that their place within the sky can have an effect on the course of historical past and mages. The truth is, within the current Shadow of the Dragon Queen journey, which has its ups and downs, you’ll be able to let the magical moons form your character!

However why is that this the case? Is it as a result of Dragonlance is arch-fantasy, meant to be learn whereas listening to Rush and slamming again cans of Tab? Effectively, that’s one concept. However from inside the world of Krynn, moons, and magic have their very own particular relationship. Dragonlance helped kick off the pattern in D&D to have the Moon(s) additionally connect with the deity(ies) of Magic.

Dragonlance Moons – Celestial Our bodies or Celestial Beings?

In Dragonlance, the moons Solinari, Lunitari, and Nuitari, additionally share their names with the deities of excellent, impartial, and evil magic respectively. Relying on which sages you learn, the moons are maybe the domains of their respective gods, or are highly effective representations of their energy, or are in some way additionally the gods themselves.

Most individuals are inclined to agree on the “domains of the gods” although and accept arguing concerning the specifics. It is because the surfaces of the moons range a lot.

It needs to be famous that every one of Dragonlance’s moons are utterly inhabitable, if not downright welcoming to life. All three have breathable atmospheres, all three have temperate areas, and all three are dwelling to their very own fascinating areas.

Solinari – Moon of Good Magic

Named for the god of excellent magic, Solinari shares a lot of the qualities of its namesake. It’s glowing and watchful, maintaining its face on the world.

This moon seems, from the floor of Krynn, to be a mysterious glowing ball of mist, all the time shrouded in clouds. Nonetheless, Solinari is tidally locked. It solely ever exhibits one facet of itself to Krynn, the opposite faces the outer darkness of the void.

The half that faces Krynn is temperate beneath the mist, rife with lush forests, lakes, and low hills. On the darkish facet of the planet, nevertheless, it’s barren and desolate, and chilly. However, life thrives on this moon, with magic moon apes and plasmoids calling the floor their dwelling.

Lunitari – The Pink Moon of Impartial Magic

Lunitari is the crimson moon of Dragonlance. Named for the goddess of impartial magic, this moon is the most important and most various. It has continents and areas. One would possibly sail the clear lake, or cross the ocean of sleep or the ocean of stars.

The environment will not be solely breathable, however it’s also stuffed with locations the place life would possibly thrive. With swimming pools of clear water, verdant oases, and a seemingly limitless cloudless sky, the moon is an idyllic, pastoral panorama.

Which is why a lot of the inhabitants of this moon favor to remain on it. Few who stay there ever stay. Even the odd spelljamming ship that finally ends up being pulled into the celestial physique by misfortune (which occurs far more typically than you’d suppose), tends to stay, as crews discover a easy paradise ready for them.

Nuitari – The Darkish Moon

Nuitari is the darkish moon and it’s related to Nuitari, the god of evil magic. It has the cleanest environment of all three moons, and the explanation for that is the dense, thick vegetation and darkish mountains giving the satellite tv for pc its signature look.

None can say what number of inhabitants make their dwelling right here–most of Nuitari’s inhabitants conceal from commentary, both residing within the caverns of Nuitari or hiding on the floor. When explorers go to the moon, they rapidly uncover simply how inhabited it’s–although the beholder colony that makes their dwelling right here is fast to make sure this lesson will not be handed on to others.

At any fee, the three moons of magic are as mysterious because the deities that give them their names.

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