Top-of-the-line issues about any heist is the loot. And within the upcoming Keys from the Golden Vault, the loot has leveled up.

It might be arduous sufficient for a D&D journey all about heists to be spectacular if there wasn’t some sort of main treasure on the finish of it. Positive, in lots of circumstances, the gamers are ostensibly going to be giving them again to the titular Golden Vault. However. It makes a good bit of distinction if you come to the tip of a fastidiously deliberate heist and uncover you’ve received a magical portray that may whisper virtually any secret to you whereas additionally casting magic missiles at whoever you designate, vs. discovering one thing like… a +1 sword.

And in Keys from the Golden Vault, a few of the treasures are actually price writing dwelling about. If not really getting in there and stealing them. Right here’s a have a look at three.

Truthful warning, spoilers for Keys from the Golden Vault lie forward.

Keys from the Golden Vault Treasures – Magic Objects Made Marvelous

Any profitable heist ought to really feel prefer it takes ability to tug off, and that it’s price all the trouble to get no matter it’s the characters are stealing. Now we’re not right here right this moment to speak about how the journey e book handles the previous. However as for the latter, there are some fairly intriguing objects up for grabs. Assuming your celebration is the kind who may try to maintain them for themselves.

DMs might need to be ready as a result of gamers may strive stealing and holding objects like Constantori’s Portrait.

Pictured above, Constantori’s Portrait is a sentient, magical portray. And whereas it’s demanding, condescending, and useless, it can serve its grasp(s) extremely nicely. Its major objective is to watch and recall conversations, a job which on the level within the recreation the gamers may steal it, the portrait has been doing for many years if not longer.

This implies it is aware of “an unquantifiable quantity of lore” which could embrace secret passwords, legal conspiracies, and any hushed secret whispered anyplace close to the place the portray has been hung. However t can be assigned as a guardian, with the aptitude to solid a 3-dart magic missile thrice per day.

The Shard Solitaire – A Diamond within the Tough

The Shard Solitaire is a strong magic diamond with an origin story that feels like an city legend:

“Way back, somebody dropped a bag of holding filled with jewels into a conveyable gap, creating an explosive portal to the Astral Aircraft. A 5,000 gp diamond contained inside the bag absorbed a few of the portal’s risky vitality and have become th shard solitaire.

The Shard Solitaire is a magical gemstone containing an extradimensional rift. There are 5 differing kinds, all in all.  All Shard Solitaires grant their bearer the flexibility to do a rift step as a bonus motion. A rift step is sort of a misty step in that it’s a bonus motion teleport that goes out to 30 toes, however you possibly can increase the teleport to as much as 60 toes by working the danger of injury for those who fail a Structure saving throw.

Every sort of Shard Solitaire is able to letting its consumer solid a number of spells. All can solid banishment and mirror picture, however the particular sorts enable for much more:

The Ebook of Vile Darkness

Lastly, one of many objects featured within the journey is none apart from the D&D equal of some sort of Necronomicon. A e book so evil that you just flip evil simply from touching it for too lengthy. It’s a foul manuscript of ineffable wickedness. And if you make it yours, you not solely acquire the flexibility to solid circle of loss of life only for taking part in, however you additionally change into resistant to being charmed and frightened.

In fact, you additionally bear a bodily mark of the evil energy you’ve submersed your self in. It could be horns, shiny black eyes, a forked tongue, no matter it’s you get all Palpatiney. However you additionally acquire the flexibility to solid dominate monster on an evil goal as soon as per day at no cost, in addition to reciting phrases so evil they may blow your enemies’ minds (by dealing 3d6 psychic injury to these inside 15 toes, no saving throw allowed and no listening to or shared language vital).

All this and extra await in ‘Keys from the Golden Vault’


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