While you need to go quick, go alone. While you need to go far, use considered one of these 5 D&D journey spells for crossing the world map.

In Dungeons & Dragons, your hero may go away behind their humble hometown to journey the world. However oftentimes that world is large. And filled with monsters. Listed here are 5 spells that can aid you get from right here to there in a rush.

While you’ve bought to go the space, these D&D journey spells received’t allow you to down.


D&D travel spells

Longstrider will increase your motion velocity by 10 toes for an hour and all it takes is a pinch of dust. It isn’t a lot, nevertheless it’s good to have solely a 1st stage spell.

By the point you’re taking a look at crossing the map, you might in all probability get at the very least 4 hours of boosted velocity out of it, which is able to aid you get the place you’re going.

Phantom Steed

D&D travel spells

Phantom Steed is a type of ceremony of passage type of spells. While you choose it up, it actually opens the world map. Out of the blue you’ll be able to journey 13 miles within the span of an hour–which isn’t quick by trendy requirements, nevertheless it helps you cross these terrain.

Plus it could take the looks of any horselike creature you determine. So that you get an excellent, magical experience, and with simply two spell slots you’ll be able to journey so far as a traditional particular person travels in a day.

However you’ll nonetheless have six hours left earlier than you get drained.

Water Stroll

D&D travel spells

Phantom Steed may get you anyplace on land, however what about anyplace at sea? Water Stroll has you lined. You’ll be able to cross any physique of water or different liquid like acid or lava or milk relying on what sort of world you’re taking part in on. And you’ll take as much as ten creatures with you once you forged the spell.

For those who want a spell to get your celebration transferring at sea, this will provide you with an hour’s value of journey, which is usually far sufficient. However because it’s third stage, you might in all probability push it even additional, particularly since you’ll be able to forged it as a ritual as a lot as you want (even whereas standing on the water).

Wind Stroll

Wind Stroll is the actual kicker although. This can be a travelling spell par excellence. For one sixth stage slot, you and as much as ten associates change into little greater than a whiff of cloud. Although you might be able to transferring quick and in opposition to the wind. Care must be taken when doing so, although, lest you be mistaken for Crebain from Dunland.

Regardless, this spell lets your enclouded celebration journey with a base velocity of 300 toes , that means you’ll be able to cowl about 240 miles within the eight hours the spell lasts.

Teleportation Circle/Teleport

After all in case you actually need to cowl distance, Teleport is the best way to go. Teleportation Circle acts as a quick journey hub type of factor. However Teleport will take you to locations you’ve by no means even seen earlier than–however with a bit tiny little bit of a teleportation mishap and being misplaced or on one other airplane by no means to be seen once more.

What’s your favourite D&D journey spell?


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