Horrors from past the grave are rising up on EN5ider to carry peril and unfold dying throughout the realm!

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These days on EN5ider:

  • 501. Monstrous Menagerie: Distinctive Undead. Everybody is aware of the widespread undead—ghosts, skeletons, vampires, zombies—however there are but extra of those horrors, some with unorthodox origins and even odder appearances. What occurs to highly effective necromancers that develop incurable illnesses? Or if an earth elemental bestows a curse that rots the bones? What sorts of magical maladies can develop inside these descended from inbred sorcerous monarchies? The cold (CR 4), ossified (CR 2), shadrownoma (CR 1), and shadrownoma clot (CR 5) plus the shadrownoma illness! Dangerously designed by Levi Thompson, illustrated by Júlio Rocha.
  • 500. Vault of Splintered Souls MEGADUNGEON. Delve by means of 14 ranges of fell monsters, rewarding puzzles, and deadly traps beneath the ruins of Mal Takkar and acquire a whole lot of soulshards earlier than rising as the primary champions to flee the vault! Diabolically, dreadfully, and definitively designed for 4–5 PCs (beginning at sixth stage and ending at tenth stage) by Anthony Alipio, Sarah Breyfogle, Savannah Broadway, Charlie Brooks, Andrew Engelbrite, Will Gawned, Marc Kenobi, Peter Martin, Michael McCarthy, Mike Myler, Tyler Omichinski, Levi Thompson, Rachel Williamson. Cowl illustration by Erik Davis-Heim, cartography by Xanditz, structure by Frank Michienzi.
  • 499. Spells: Miraculous Magic. Magic could be a fickle factor, and when deities are concerned the ability of what may be can astound. Contemplate this batch of a dozen spells every with its personal ingredient of Miraculous Casting, growing its efficiency when the state of affairs is dire. Bolster the resolve of companions with emboldening banner, even affecting these on the precipice of dying in case you are wounded badly sufficient. Maybe as a substitute you would possibly blast and blind with a ray of heavenly gentle—hitting with the drive of a god by drawing upon the plight of an ally close by preventing to cling to mortality. Whether or not speaking about condemnation or deliverance, each cleric, druid, and paladin ought to pray for this suite of spells. Divinely designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Indi Martin.
  • 498. Archetypes: Oaths of Arcane Soul. This text presents two new choices for paladins: the oath of the arcane for servants of magic, and the oath of souls for psychopomps devoted to making sure the integrity of the mortal veil. The previous make use of highly effective arcana and mimic the enchanted feats of the mages they’re sworn to guard, and the latter are peerless amongst slayers of undead. Dedicatedly designed by Levi Thompson, illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • 497. Intriguing Organizations: Dungeon Builders. Archmages, demigods, and liches alike all want lairs—it is the Dungeon Builders they flip to to allow them to keep centered on the essential issues like unlocking historic evils. Following their patented 10-Step Course of, these deluded architects make the most of monsters like rockplowers (CR 2) to do a lot of their work, captured and educated with instruments comparable to binding powder and compulsion beacon. Dependably designed by Charlie Brooks, illustrated by Phil Stone.



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