EN5ider is bringing extra cult adventuring with as we speak’s deathly dungeon delve right into a flooded underground metropolis taken over by the Cult of Chernobog!

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These days on EN5ider:

  • 494. Journey: Fangfane. Guided by an formidable gnome scout into the ruins of a as soon as grand underground settlement, the social gathering finds not solely the idol their information seeks—additionally they run afoul of the cult of Chernobog! Recovering the relic shall be greater than a harmful trek as they struggle off cultists, overcome deadly obstacles like olivine slime, and battle in opposition to big undead (together with swarms of bugs and a skeletal constrictor snake!) in a panoramic escape from the flooded undercity. Decisively designed by William Murakami-Brundage, illustrated by Insima, and that includes a map created utilizing Watabou’s One Web page Dungeon generator.
  • 493. Monstrous Menagerie: Consecrated Cultists. Acolyte, cultist, cult fanatic—lightweights every person! When darkish councils collect to enact fell rituals they name for devoted maniacs just like the deadly darkish martyr (CR 4), darkly inspiring harbinger of doom (CR 2), a channeler of foul energies such because the heathen conduit (CR 4), bolstering heretic mortician (CR 4), monstrous mutant zealot (CR 7), devious profane grasp (CR 9), or devoted unholy vanguard (CR 3). Disquietingly designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • 492. Villain Highlight: Tellara the Story Thief. Subtlety and subterfuge are the weapons employed by this entry within the Villain Highlight sequence, although she would not search to take any gold from the social gathering—her solely want is to take credit score for his or her accomplishments and take their reputations as her personal! Included with this crafty villainess’ statistics (CR 6) are two of the instruments in her commerce (the enchanting reward and diadem of blended charms magic gadgets). Deviously designed by Charlie Brooks, illustrated by Daniel English.
  • 491. Puzzle: Fountain of Reality. Nothing brings about honesty like a life-and-death scenario however this puzzle calls for reality within the face of peril! The Fountain of Reality contains clues to its function and performance, tips for GMs to find out its move, and a trio of situations to make use of it: a treatment for the worthy, hearth entice, and the reverse fountain. Straight designed by Elizabeth Orchard, illustrated by Khanh Luong.
  • 490. Cursed Warrior Archetypes. Warlocks take the cake in relation to making compacts to realize energy—however why ought to they? Warriors and ne’er-do-wells could make simply as a lot use out of a fell cut price! Think about imbuing an adventurer with the potent options of the Clawcursed martial archetype or Cursehanded roguish archetype to discover a brand new manner of roleplaying this wealthy dynamic with out the necessity for arcana, fey, fiends, or something apart from a radical monstrous arm! Dialectically designed by John Krifka, illustrated by Jeffrey Chen.


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