Look generally you simply have to let your internal freak be your outer freak. These 5 D&D freaky spells will make it easier to do this.

We don’t decide right here at BoLS, aside from all of the instances we do. Aeldari are good, Chaos is underpowered, 4th Version is nice, and capitalism is unhealthy. The record goes on and on. However what we gained’t do is decide you for utilizing one in all these 5 spells that can make you only a bit freaky. Within the sense that being a being of cosmic horror is form of freaky.

Arms of Hadar

This spell causes tendrils of darkish vitality to erupt out of your physique. It’s entry-level freak, certain, however all of us have to start out someplace. And whenever you forged this spell, you’ll depart your foes unable to react. Dazzled, terrified on the all-devouring vitality you’ve unleashed, who can say, actually?


This spell permits you to tick an object away in an extradimensional area. Which isn’t too freaky at first look. However the title of the spell is Wristpocket. Which means extradimensional area is unquestionably inside your wrist. Placing extradimensional areas inside your personal physique is okay, simply watch out about doing that to another person.

Starvation of Hadar

And we’re again to Hadar. Which is sensible. Hadar is among the 13 baleful stars out of D&D 4th Version. It was a hungering star that may eat all the pieces if it may. Right here you faucet into part of that, opening a gateway to a void that… properly. It’s crammed with a “cacophony of sentimental whispers and slurping noises that may be heard as much as 30 ft away.” So.


This spell creates a ten×10 foot space of extraordinarily slippery grease. No additional feedback, your honor.


Lastly, a humble cantrip. However this one summons a swarm of parasites to look in your goal. Which is fairly creepy.

What a enjoyable time, now YOU will be an eldritch abomination from past the celebs


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