Seventh-level spells are those that’ll make your DM abandon all hope. And that’s simply the beginning. These are a few of the greatest.

There are just a few good causes most individuals don’t play D&D previous tenth degree. As all the time, the most important purpose is capitalism. It’s arduous to make your leisure time constant and sturdy if you’re hovering a lot nearer to the brink of monetary spoil than you’d care to confess.

However the different huge purpose is that it’s arduous. And WotC has engineered fifth Version to depart many of the work within the DM’s hand. Previous about eleventh degree, there’s little or no in the way in which of revealed modules for gamers/DMs. And there’s completely nothing formally revealed to assist DMs cope with the problem of operating video games at the next degree.

However Seventh-level spells spotlight why there’s that further assist wanted. They will outright win fights. Change campaigns. Overcome challenges of all types… assuming your recreation makes it that far.


It is a spell that will as effectively be referred to as “win one encounter.” Forcecage is among the greatest Seventh-level spells as a result of it’s completely imply. It encloses an space as much as 20 ft on a aspect (which is giant sufficient to catch gargantuan creatures) and both fully encapsulates them in a sealed drive field, or leaves them susceptible because of 1/2-inch diameter “bars” spaced evenly aside in order that spell results and ranged assaults can get inside.

No saves. And as soon as trapped within the Forcecage, just some magic works to flee. Teleportation magic or results solely work if the creature can first move a Charisma save.

This implies you may mainly isolate a goal and rain spell results down upon them. A typical one is to make use of the Sickening Radiance spell, which inflicts ranges of exhaustion on a failed save, killing a creature as soon as it hits ten ranges of exhaustion. And even one thing like Name Lightning will do the trick.

Divine Phrase

Divine Phrase is probably not as dramatic as Forcecge, however it certain does get the job completed. That is one other instance of how one of the best Seventh-level spells make you greater than merely mortal. Divine Phrase takes a bonus motion to forged, and relying on what number of hit factors a creature has, unleashes debilitating results on them.

Targets of your selection inside 30 ft of you is likely to be deafened, blinded, shocked, or killed outright if they’ve 20 or fewer hit factors. That means you may filter out entire swaths of low-level creatures with a single bonus motion, and nonetheless have your motion left to do no matter else you need.

Airplane Shift

Airplane Shift modifications the character of your marketing campaign dramatically. It opens the doorways to all of D&D’s cosmology as a result of now you may journey to alternate planes of actuality. You’ll be able to go to the Astral Airplane, the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia, the 9 Hells, or wherever else you determine.

It’s not simply the world map, it’s the fact map that opens up at this level. And on prime of that, it’s a implausible spell in fight too. It’s a fast and simple get-out-of-jail-free card for you and as much as eight different prepared creatures.

Or you should use it to banish an unwilling creature to a different airplane, and in the event that they fail their Charisma save, they’re caught till they will determine get again (or they die). So you may inform somebody to go to hell, after which ship them to the particular hell of your selection. Hope that villain wasn’t purported to be recurring!


A lot much less dramatic however extra sensible than Airplane Shift is Teleport. This is among the greatest Seventh-level spells as a result of it enables you to and your social gathering journey all over the world you’re in. Typically you don’t have to go to the Elemental Airplane of Hearth (or wherever). That you must get to King Rodric’s fort earlier than the Baron’s military can lay siege to it.

And Teleport works like a attraction, and instantaneously. So long as you already know the place you’re going, there’s little or no likelihood of a mishap. Finest not to consider what might go unsuitable, as a result of all you need to do is roll excessive and also you’ll be nice!


Lastly, there’s one of the best Seventh-level spell within the recreation arms down. Simulacrum creates an illusory duplicate of any humanoid creature (most frequently your self). It lasts “till dispelled” which means you may simply double your firepower for a single Seventh-level spell slot, after which you may relaxation to realize that spell slot again so you may forged Forcecage or Airplane Shift or one of many different spells on this checklist.

And that’s earlier than we even get to the oft-argued potential of Simulacra to forged the spell Simulacrum themselves, permitting a creature to create an “infinite military” of snow wizards duplicated duplicates. Most DMs will say no, or be tricked into permitting this. Be cautious of the one that offers a full-throated sure after asking if “you’re certain” that’s the highway you need to go down.

What are your picks for one of the best Seventh-level spell?


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