The perfect monsters don’t seem like monsters till it’s too late. Listed below are 5 monsters that seem like different issues.

Everyone knows Mimics are the perfect monster as a result of they are often something. You go for a treasure chest? That’s a mimic. Open the door? Additionally a mimic. Heck, even the room you’re in might be a mimic. How are you aware you’re not one?!

Even the individuals are mimics

However D&D has an extended historical past of monsters that seem like different issues. Listed below are the 5 greatest monsters to accompany your subsequent mimic spree. While you need every part to be a possible enemy, these are the D&D monster mimics for you.


D&D Monster Mimic

In case you can by no means inform stalagmites from stalactites, simply keep in mind: that stalagMIGHT be a Roper if it’s on the bottom. These monsters are hungry and can pull you in with their snaking tendrils. Why not have a mimic ready in a cavern filled with Ropers?


D&D Monster Mimic

And keep in mind, Piercers dangle on stalacTIGHT to the ceiling. The place they then wait so that you can wander beneath to allow them to drop in your head. After that, they’re not a lot of a risk. They’ll chunk you for those who get shut. So be certain to make use of a whole lot of them. Possibly they reside symbiotically along with your mimic colony.


D&D Monster Mimic

Was {that a} leather-based cloak hanging on a wall? WRONG! It was a Cloaker. You absolute rube. These monsters seem like leather-based cloaks after which they unfurl into flying, strangling evil manta rays that switch half the injury they take to the creature they’re hooked up to.

Galeb Duhr

D&D Monster Mimic

Was {that a} rock? NOPE! It’s a Galeb Duhr. These rock monsters roll round, slamming into creatures. Making them the right candidate to cover out amongst your mimics, Ropers, and Piercers. They will additionally animate boulders! Even the common rocks are rock monsters!

Hoard Scarab

D&D Monster Mimic

Launched in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, Hoard Scarabs are the right monster. After the combating’s completed and everybody has let down their guard…your gold cash come to life and begin biting you.

What are your favourite monsters that seem like different issues?


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