d12 Forgery Journey Hooks

Let’s commit some forgery in our marketing campaign. Listed below are d12 concepts.

However earlier than we get into that, why would we would like forgery in our recreation? What advantages will we obtain, and the way can we wield forgery as storytellers?

Simple Hooks

Little Phingers goes to shake the noble’s hand. Virtually too late he spots a blotch of blue paint on his thumb and twists it to keep away from contact. The cast portray was barely dry and it already offered to this chump who says it comprises a clue to the placement of a priceless treasure. Whether or not that’s true or not, Phingers’ nonetheless has the unique he can examine when he will get again to his room on the Grinning Boar. Instantly, the noble touches the portray. “It’s nonetheless moist! What’s occurring right here? Guards!”

A found forgery immediately creates a state of affairs. And that’s what we would like extra of: conditions for our adventures and encounters. The authorities would possibly become involved. The sufferer would possibly launch an investigation. There might be retribution. Information and gossip unfold.

An undiscovered forgery identified to gamers creates juicy dramatic rigidity. Will they get caught? Will the ruse work? Will the heist go down as deliberate? No matter what the characters are doing with the cast factor, gamers will really feel dramatic rigidity till all indicators point out they’ve gotten away with it or they’ve acquired justice if the victims.

Epic Begins Small

I acquired an electronic mail not too long ago from a GM with plots at all times too grand. It will get staid saving the world each session. Forgery as a recreation mechanic, world constructing piece, or story factor ensures you begin small.

We start with a minimal of two for our Solid of Characters:

  1. Sufferer
  2. Felony

And we will add extra to our solid primarily based on the scope we would like:

  1. Forger
  2. Fence or center man
  3. Gatherer of any particular supplies
  4. Protection and safety

Every NPC introduced into a job above builds out your conspiracy properly. And all of the sudden we have now particular individuals doing particular issues, culminating in an encounter with the PCs in some vogue.

That’s small with no barrier to the street to epic.

Villain Tie-In

Talking of plots, for those who join the forgery to the villain in even a small means, you’ve simply used forgery as a hook into your primary story. Effectively accomplished!

Maybe a flunky runs a con with out the villain’s data. On the reverse finish of the size, perhaps forgery is a Energy Base for the villain.

d12 Examples of Forgery

Summing up the primary advantages, including a little bit of forgery to our video games helps with producing hooks, grounding our adventures, and presumably enhancing our primary plotline.

Now let’s take a look at a listing of forgery concepts for world constructing, conditions, and mechanical inspiration:

  1. Counterfeit cash land in a PC’s purse and get observed when used to pay the town gate charge.
  2. An artist hires a PC to to secretly promote “unlawful” copies his work to make himself extra well-known.
  3. The treasure map, signed by famend sage @Celeste, says the loot needs to be at this spot. However the one factor right here is that this lethal 5 Room Dungeon….
  4. The deed to an ally’s base of operations seems to be a faux, and now the ally is homeless. Who really owns the property?
  5. The imposter’s signing of the declaration of conflict, down at hand used and the best way he held the quill, was perfection.
  6. Faux love letters put the Queen in a nasty mild and resulted in an harmless man being hung. Can the characters resolve this crime?
  7. A mortgage shark brandishing a signed mortgage settlement calls for fee from the occasion. If the occasion refuses to pay, the mortgage shark sells the contract to a satan who has some ways to gather….
  8. An invite, with a forgery of the mayor’s official seal, sends the occasion at evening to the flawed facet of city right into a lethal ambush.
  9. The occasion finds common ledgers of the villain’s enterprise however the numbers don’t appear proper.
  10. A personality anticipates a bequeathment throughout a will studying. However on the occasion, a loathsome servant inherits all the pieces. Lots of these gathered begin shouting that the need is a faux.
  11. Cast correspondence leads the occasion or an NPC to flawed conclusions, and maybe false accusations, in regards to the villain’s identification or wrongdoings.
  12. A fraudster has been crafting faux magic objects with false magical auras. Rumor has it that even a Thieves’ Guild chief was conned into shopping for a cursed dagger. The occasion has been employed to search out the wrongdoer, however they finest verify their not too long ago bought objects first….

It’s Your Flip

Take 5 minutes and suppose the way you would possibly use a cast doc, piece of bijou, murals, or particular merchandise in your marketing campaign.

Use it as an journey or encounter hook. Are the PCs victims, employed to search out the forger, or caught up in some nice rip-off?

Strive it out and let me know the way it goes.