Are you trying to find the perfect Avenue Fighter 6 Luke combos and particular strikes? Luke is a extra well-rounded character in comparison with his earlier iteration. In consequence, he is among the higher characters to make use of in the event you’re new to preventing video games, as nothing he does is especially advanced. His transfer inputs are much like different beginner-friendly fighters, reminiscent of Ryu or Ken, however he places a singular spin with follow-ups to Overdrive strikes that finish combos.

Preventing video games have some characters which are naturally simpler to study than others, besides, Avenue Fighter 6 Luke is reasonably tough to grasp with out some steering. So, that can assist you become familiar with all of Luke’s strikes, we’ve had hands-on time with the sport to provide you all of the strategies accessible to him and a few suggestions for tips on how to play the character in Avenue Fighter 6 by using his strengths and studying which strikes can result in huge combos.

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Tips on how to play Luke in Avenue Fighter 6

One of the best ways to play Luke is to maintain the enemy at medium to shut vary. All of his finest combos are carried out at shut vary, however fortunately, he has some ways to slim the hole.

Luke debuted on the finish of Avenue Fighter 5 as the ultimate DLC character, however he makes his principal roster debut right here. These acquainted with the character will know he’s a well-rounded fighter who has entry to very fast projectiles and anti-air specials, whereas loads of his regular strikes can shut within the distance between him and his opponent.

At first, try to be poking away at your opponent with Sand Blasts to maintain them on their toes. In the event that they determine to leap in, that’s when to make use of the Rising Uppercut to punish them. It’s also possible to throw in a number of medium kicks as they attain fairly far. It’s a fantastic technique as you’ll be able to simply observe up with specials or tremendous arts to inflict important injury.

Luke’s standing punches will shut the space between you and your opponent. If Luke hits a standing mild punch, you’ll be able to observe up with a medium punch then a heavy punch to execute a goal combo, which you’ll be able to lengthen even additional with tremendous strikes afterward. Medium punches do extra injury and go the identical distance, however you’ll be able to press the medium button 4 occasions to execute a standard combo. Sadly, you’ll be able to’t observe these up with particular or tremendous strikes. Heavy punches do way more injury and attain additional, so are good for mixing issues up a notch.

Avenue Fighter 6 motions

When you have by no means performed a six-button preventing recreation and are our information for the primary time, likelihood is that you simply don’t know tips on how to carry out sure motions. Sadly, this will get doubly complicated as that you must press plenty of buttons so as with particular timing to execute combos. Avenue Fighter 6’s tutorial teaches you tips on how to play the sport, however if you wish to get to the following degree along with your chosen character and want to seek the advice of exterior sources, you could discover this glossary helpful.


  • Quarter-circle ahead – push down on the d-pad or stick and rapidly rotate to the route your character is dealing with.
  • Quarter-circle again – push down on the d-pad or stick and rapidly rotate in the wrong way to the one your character is dealing with.
  • Z Movement – press ahead, then rapidly press down and rotate so that you’re urgent down and ahead concurrently.
  • Overdrive – recognized beforehand as EX strikes, this is similar transfer, however you press any two punches or any two kicks. It consumes two bars to the Drive Gauge to execute.

Avenue Fighter 6 Luke particular strikes

Street Fighter 6 Luke has just hit Jamie with a Sand Blast.

Sand Blast – Quarter-circle ahead + Punch

A projectile that launches sand on the opponent. It’s very fast, and Luke’s Sand Blast will cowl a brief, medium, or full-screen distance, relying on the energy of the button. After executing the Overdrive model of this transfer, you’ll be able to observe it up by urgent the 2 punch buttons once more, which launches a second full-screen blast.

Flash Knuckle – Quarter-circle again + Punch

A fast jab that closes within the distance. You may improve this transfer’s injury by holding the punch button. Luke’s arm will flash when absolutely charged, altering the properties of this transfer barely and hitting the opponent twice. This transfer has a number of finishers:

  • Gentle punch – launches the opponent into the air.
  • Charged mild punch – launches the opponent excessive into the air.
  • Medium punch – knocks the opponent again barely.
  • Charged medium punch – launches the opponent into the facet of the display, inflicting a wall bounce.
  • Heavy punch – causes the opponent to drop to the bottom.
  • Charged heavy punch – causes a tough knockdown onto the opponent.
  • Overdrive – requires no charging, however does want two punch buttons pressed to execute. If the primary jab connects, Luke follows up with a second that launches the opponent as excessive as a charged mild punch Flash Knuckle. When you rapidly press two punch buttons as the primary blow hits and the opponent continues to be on the bottom, Luke will throw them with a DDT as a substitute.

Street Fighter 6 Luke in the middle of performing a charged aerial knuckle on Jamie.

Aerial Flash Knuckle – Quarter-circle again + Punch

Aerial Flash Knuckle has two modes, identical to the bottom model, they usually all have the identical properties. Tapping the punch button will trigger Luke to fireside a small Sand Blast projectile, whereas holding the punch button will make Luke uppercut the opponent. All punch strengths of this transfer do the identical injury, however the uppercut does greater than the Sand Blast. The Overdrive Aerial Flash Knuckle at all times executes the uppercut, taking extra off the enemy’s life bar than the common model.

Avenger – Quarter-circle ahead + Kick

No Chaser – throughout Avenger, press punch
Impaler – throughout Avenger, press kick

Avenger is a transfer recognized within the preventing recreation group as a Command Sprint. The thought is that it executes a dashing movement you could observe up with a button press. No Chaser executes a shoulder deal with, whereas Impaler makes use of an axe kick. No Chaser is an everyday standing transfer that may be blocked whereas standing or crouched, whereas Impaler is an overhead assault that punishes these crouch-blocking. You may solely use the Overdrive model of Avenger, nevertheless it provides armor to the Command Sprint half. You’ll nonetheless take momentary injury from being hit as soon as, nevertheless it gained’t interrupt the transfer, and in the event you wait some time, you’ll get better from this momentary well being loss. When you’re hit after taking momentary injury, it turns into everlasting, and you’re taking extra injury as if it was everlasting.

Street Fighter 6 Luke has just launched Jamie with a Rising Uppercut.

Rising Uppercut – Z Movement + Punch

A Shoryuken-like transfer, Rising Uppercut is an anti-air transfer however also can launch enemies into the air from the bottom. Urgent stronger punches does extra injury and brings Luke ahead an additional distance. The Overdrive model of this transfer is invincible the complete time and hits twice usually, however in the event you press the 2 punch buttons once more, you’ll execute a follow-up slamming assault.

Street Fighter 6 Luke is using his level 2 super art against Jamie.

Avenue Fighter 6 Luke Tremendous Arts

Stage One: Vulcan Blast – Quarter-circle ahead x2 + Punch

Luke executes a string of 4 medium-range Sand Blasts earlier than following up with a charged full-screen Sand Blast to complete this five-hit combo. We reckon the optimum time to make use of it’s to increase combos, sending the opponent flying with the ultimate hit, reminiscent of utilizing the Overdrive Flash Knuckle.

Stage Two: Eraser – Quarter-circle again x2 + Punch

One other transfer you should utilize to finish a combo string hitting the primary punch of Eraser will permit Luke to unleash a ten-hit combo that leads to a tough knockdown. If Luke misses the primary hit, it takes him a number of seconds to get better.

Street Fighter 6 Luke is about to use his level 3 super art on his opponent. He is about to make a sprinting start.

Stage Three: Pale Rider – Quarter-circle ahead x2 + Kick

Luke’s Pale Rider is finest executed after poking with a medium kick, as it would practically at all times hit if carried out straight afterward. That is what’s generally known as a ‘hit verify’. It’s also possible to use Pale Rider on the finish of a combo or after an Overdrive Flash Knuckle. It may additionally slip beneath enemy projectiles.

Luke combos

Luke has tons of combo alternatives accessible to him; nevertheless, there are a number of fundamental combos the place you’ll be able to add particular strikes and tremendous arts so as to add some additional spice. That mentioned, attempt to combine issues up so that you’re not rinsing via your Drive Gauge by overusing Overdrive assaults, leaving your self susceptible to Drive Impacts or different deadly blows.

Crouching MK xx Sand Blast (Gentle or Overdrive)

When you’re poking away at your opponent from a medium distance, use this very fundamental combo. It doesn’t do plenty of injury by itself, however doing this typically will preserve the opponent on their toes. With sufficient strain, you might be able to bait your opponent into leaping in, supplying you with the proper alternative to land a cheeky anti-air.

Standing LP, Standing MP, Standing HP xx Particular Strikes

That is Luke’s most essential goal combo, because it’s commonly used to hyperlink extra difficult combos you’ll be able to study down the road. You may observe up the standing HP half to make use of most of Luke’s particular strikes, although we extremely suggest attempting the Overdrive Flash Knuckle because it does probably the most injury and may lead into an excellent artwork.

Street Fighter 6 Luke is putting up his fists, covered in yellow sparring gloves.

Crouching MK, Crouching HP, Throw

This isn’t strictly a combo, however in the event you’re utilizing a crouching MK to poke on the opponent, following it up with a crouching HP can put you in a first-rate place to throw your opponent straight afterward, inflicting a tough knockdown. You should use this place to keep up the strain.

Double Impression, Overdrive Flash Knuckle

You’ll have to apply the timing for this one, however in the event you maintain ahead and press HP twice, then execute the Overdrive Flash Knuckle command as quickly because the second punch lands, you’ll be able to execute a fast Flash Knuckle. This launches your opponent excessive within the air for a juggle alternative with Luke’s particular strikes or tremendous arts in the event you can time it appropriately.

And people are the entire Avenue Fighter 6 Luke strikes and combos. We extremely suggest that you simply spend a good bit of time within the recreation’s tutorial and coaching modes to apply a number of combos. After all, loads of different characters can be found, so take a look at the remainder of the Avenue Fighter 6 roster to see if anybody else catches your eye.