The Marauder started its life in 1939. That 12 months marked the issuing of Round Proposal 39-640, the US Military’s name for a medium bomber that would journey 2,000 miles with a 2,000 lb payload at an affordable clip. Glenn L. Martin clearly understood the project, and its Mannequin 179, because the experimental plane was then identified, was finally reborn because the Martin Marauder.

The US Military Air Corps issued an enormous order for 1,131 of those plane in September 1940, although it would not even advance to the take a look at flight stage till two months later. It was, because the directive promised, a potent power, powered by twin Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engines and able to carrying a 4,000 lb payload.

These engines have been positioned beneath the wings of the plane and allowed it to achieve a most velocity of 285 mph (round 458 km). A comparatively compact and environment friendly design it could have appeared to be, however these features of the plane meant that it was initially very harmful to fly.


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