Samus Aran is without doubt one of the most feared bounty hunters within the galaxy, however firstly of Metroid Prime Remastered she’s a bit underpowered, significantly in terms of the quantity of well being she has. Fortunately, scattered all through Tallon IV are Power Tanks, which bump up Samus’ well being by 100 factors every. There are 14 to search out, hidden away in all 5 of the sport’s fundamental areas. Right here’s the place to search out each one.

Easy methods to discover all Power Tanks in Metroid Prime Remastered

Chozo Ruins

Transport Entry North

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That is more likely to be the primary Power Tank you occur throughout in your travels throughout Tallon IV. After beating the Hive Mecha within the Chozo Ruins and reclaiming your Missiles, head via the door straight forward to enter Transport Entry North. You in all probability gained’t be capable to enter the tunnel right here but, however you may nonetheless seize the Power Tank floating proper in entrance of you above a patch of Tangle Weed.


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After beating the Incinerator Drone and getting your Morph Ball Bombs again, you’ll be capable to resolve the generator puzzle within the Chozo Ruins Power Core and open the best way to Furnace. Early on within the recreation you gained’t be capable to use the Spider Ball monitor right here and can solely be capable to roll via the ground-level tunnel, however that’s all it’s essential do to select up this room’s Power Tank.

Principal Plaza

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You may spot this Power Tank in your first journey via the Principal Plaza in Chozo Ruins, nevertheless it’s too excessive to achieve. Fortunately, you may make your method spherical to this excessive ledge through the Vault, which is accessed off the Magmoor Caverns North elevator room, and which itself accommodates a Missile Growth for these well-versed in utilizing the Morph Ball Bombs.

Corridor of the Elders

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Discovering this Power Tank requires the usage of the Ice Beam, and includes the three coloured Bomb slots behind the central statue within the Corridor of the Elders. After clearing the place out of ghosts, hearth the Ice Beam on the white slot to activate it, then drop a bomb in it to rearrange the room a bit. Bounce into the statue’s fingers in Morph Ball type to let it roll you straight right into a secret room off the primary Corridor, which homes an Power Tank. By the way, the crimson Bomb slot hides a Chozo Artifact if in case you have the Plasma Beam useful.

Coaching Chamber

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The ultimate Chozo Ruins Power Tank requires some critical upgrades to entry, so that you’ll doubtless be ready till fairly late within the recreation to get it. You’ll want to make use of the Grapple Beam to get throughout the Magma Pool off the Ruined Fountain — grabbing a Energy Bomb growth en route if you need it — and wend your method spherical to the Coaching Chamber. Right here, filter the Chozo Ghosts and use your Increase Ball potential within the half pipe to stand up to one of many Morph Ball Bomb slots. The one on the left as you enter opens the best way out of this room, however the different one prompts an elevator and Spider Ball monitor that may lead you right into a hidden alcove containing the Power Tank. It’s on a timer, although, so be fast after you activate the Bomb slot.

Magmoor Caverns

Transport Tunnel A

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Yow will discover this Power Tank in Transport Tunnel A in Magmoor Caverns, which join the Monitor Station and the elevator to Phendrana Drifts North. On this Morph Ball maze, you’ll want to make use of double bomb jumps to climb lengthy vertical passages. Sadly, most of them have breakable packing containers at their bases which shall be briefly destroyed after two Bombs. Fortunately, the remaster lessens the frustration a bit by permitting Samus to leap in Morph Ball mode by urgent X. By doing this, you may lay a Bomb in mid-air and soar again as much as it with out sacrificing the breakable packing containers and risking being despatched again to the beginning. Climb your approach to the highest to search out the Power Tank.

Magmoor Workstation

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Scanning a pump within the Magmoor Workstation will reveal that there are three Energy Conduits that have to be energized to start out the puzzle resulting in this room’s Power Tank. Discover all three with the Thermal Visor — they’re all proper subsequent to the gates blocking the lava channels — and energy them up with the Wave Beam to activate the pump and filter one lava channel beneath. Roll into the underground community — it’s beneficial to take out the Triclopses with Bombs as quickly as attainable — and observe the channel to discover a console. Scan it to empty one other channel, which in flip hides one other console. Make your method there earlier than the time runs out, scan the subsequent console, and the ultimate channel will drain. Scoot on over to that one, and also you’ll discover an Power Tank in a hidden alcove inside.

Phendrana Drifts

Ruined Courtyard

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It’s simple to overlook this Power Tank within the scramble to get to the higher ranges of this room, nevertheless it’s fairly simple as soon as you realize it’s there. First, activate each Spinners at both finish of the room utilizing the Increase Ball, after which use the activated Morph Ball Bomb slot to boost the water degree. Jump over to the opposite finish of the room utilizing the ice floats and soar into the outlet within the wall in Morph Ball type to roll on right down to the place this Power Tank is hiding.

Analysis Lab Aether

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Within the depths of the Phendrana Area Pirate compound, you’ll spy this Tank floating in a glass tube on the backside degree of Analysis Lab Aether. In contrast to lots of these obstacles manufactured from Bendezium or Cordite, this one doesn’t require any significantly particular strikes to interrupt it — merely hearth a daily Missile at it to shatter it and declare your prize inside.

Transport Entry

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As with lots of collectibles in Phendrana, you’re more likely to spy this Power Tank far sooner than you may declare it. Within the Transport Entry room, which connects the Frozen Pike to the elevator for Magmoor Caverns South, you may see a facet passage blocked off by ice. Come again right here afterward with the Plasma Beam to soften the ice blocking every finish and choose up the Power Tank.

Tallon Overworld

Cargo Freight Carry to Deck Gamma

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Each Power Tanks within the Tallon Overworld space will be discovered within the wreckage of Analysis Frigate Orpheon from the sport’s prologue. The crash web site will be discovered close to Samus’ Touchdown Web site, however you gained’t even be capable to get inside with out no less than having the Ice Beam in your arsenal. As soon as inside, make your approach to the Cargo Freight Carry to Deck Gamma — the carry is clearly not operating, however you may bust it open with a Missile to select up the Power Tank inside.

Hydro Entry Tunnel

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In direction of the tip of your exploration of the crashed frigate — for which you’ll want the Gravity Go well with in addition to the Ice Beam — you’ll end up in an underwater Morph Ball maze within the Hydro Entry Tunnel. On the prime of a really tall vertical shaft, an Power Tank lurks, and also you’ll want to make use of one other double bomb soar to get to it. In contrast to in Magmoor Caverns, although, your Bombs present much more carry underwater, so that you’ll want to regulate your timing accordingly to achieve the highest and get the Tank.

Phazon Mines

Air flow Shaft

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The primary time you move via this room, a bunch of Puffers will burst in and fill it with poisonous fuel. In your return, with Energy Bombs in hand, you will get your revenge. Set one off over the Bendezium grate close to the door to Omega Analysis, then drop inside and observe the Morph Ball tunnel to discover a console. Scan it to set the followers whirring, which serves not solely to filter the Puffers but additionally to disclose an Power Tank on the different finish of the room.

Processing Heart Entry

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What’s going to doubtless be the ultimate Power Tank you purchase comes, appropriately sufficient, after one of many hardest fights within the recreation. After besting the Omega Pirate — no small feat in itself — take the elevator to the highest degree of the Elite Quarters and head via the door into Processing Heart Entry. Proper in entrance you may be an Power Tank, a becoming reward for a hard-as-nails boss battle.


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