“Doom,” in its authentic launch and the years since, has confirmed to be an absolute money cow for whoever holds its license, be it id Software program, Bethesda, or Microsoft. Rightfully so, as the sport successfully pioneered the idea of the multiplayer deathmatch, a bedrock apply for all on-line FPS video games which were launched since. Contemplating the veritable piles of cash the sport made, it appears apropos for it to run on a tool whose sole objective is allotting money.

A pair of hackers from Australia created an elaborate case mod for an NCR Personas ATM, permitting its OEM show to run “Doom” whereas controlling the sport with the aspect panel buttons and PIN pad. Their secret weapon was an I-PAC2 management board, permitting them to emulate a USB keyboard utilizing the ATM’s buttons. The controls weren’t good, however the sport ran wonderful, and the ATM’s inside speaker may even play the sounds and music.