PSVR Games 2: Sony wants Budding Devs to think about virtual reality

Global Game Jam 2022 is about to kick off, and Sony is supporting the event by challenging emerging developers to incorporate virtual reality into their games. with PSVR 2In the upcoming release, Sony understandably wants to ramp up VR development efforts and obviously doesn’t want to rely solely on existing studios to try out the technology.

Why having a strong library of PSVR 2 games is important

VR headsets are still seen as a novelty by many and have yet to become mainstream. We have seen some killer apps like Half-life: Alex But the market is still a niche. Unless VR headsets boast a strong library, adoption rate is unlikely to see the kind of increase Sony wants. At Global Game Jam 2022, Sony wants participants to “be visionaries”. The challenge reads “Enable VR support in your game and/or implement eye tracking capabilities as part of your game.”

Global Game Jam 2022 will take place between January 20-30 worldwide. It will be interesting to see how the participants take on the Sony challenge.

Opinion: Sony will participate in PSVR 2

Zarmina writes… It’s good to see Sony working on PSVR 2. PSVR was a good first step, and while the launch of its technology-enhanced successor is the next logical step, gamers need to see a solid library of games to justify paying money on a new headset or upgrading their existing hardware. We need more studios to look into VR development, starting with budding developers who haven’t started their careers yet.

In other news, Microsoft yesterday dropped a bombshell when it announced Acquisition of Activision BlizzardAnd although the deal may raise doubts, it is You are less likely to get a legal headache.

[Source: Global Game Jam]