Microsoft Flight Simulator starts 2022 with a new update

Like the clock mechanism, Asobo Studios has already managed to roll out a completely new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator During the first week of 2022. This new update It publishes a lot of bug fixes on the sim, targeting areas such as distortions in the weather engine, sim crashes, virtual reality issues, some issues with different planes, For example, but not limited.

The initial update is just under 1 GB. It is exceptionally compact compared to many standard strollers Microsoft Flight Simulator Updates have become notorious for their existence. However, also be sure to download the updates in the Content Manager, which might be just a few gigs depending on what you have installed.

next year to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Since its inception in the summer of 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator It has grown exponentially in terms of size, quality and content. Various regions of the world have received revamped views, user experience improvements have been made, and a variety of additional aircraft have been introduced. Looking into the future, 2022 will add a lot of upgrades and improvements to the sim.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Diamond San Diego Approach

In its latest weekly development update, Asobo has shared an updated roadmap that highlights what we can expect to reach the sim throughout the year. As of now, the developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator It intends to implement helicopters, gliders, full DirectX 12 support, enhanced AI traffic, multi-screen functionality, seasons, and full reboot support by the end of the year. As usual, they will be adding this to their sim over the course of several updates, rather than one giant package

However, these are just projects from the core development team. The world of third-party addon makers has been taking a storm, and there are only more projects to come in the very near future.

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