Avalanche Journey Guide – Laser Generator & Biofuel

Complete the intrusion check mission Icarus Avalanche mission unlocks. In it, you will have to cross an impassable area with a high-tech device. here we have Icarus A guide to help you on the journey of an avalanche, a steam laser, a biofuel generator, and the enemies of mammoths.

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Icarus: Avalanche Journey Guide – Steam Laser, Biofuel Generator and Mammoth

Avalanche Expedition in Icarus Rewards 600 gold coins upon completion. You can see the targets and points of interest shown on the map below:

  • B4: Dropship – This is where you will land.
  • G7: Caves – There are several caves in this area, but three have been found in G7.
  • F7: Laser – You need this device to penetrate rough terrain.
  • F8/G8: Avalanche – Technically reaching this location is the mission’s number one goal.
  • I7: The last area – we’ll go here once we’ve finished most of the tasks.
  • D7 and E8: Off-Border – Try to avoid going to these areas as they are off-limits.

Icarus Avalanche Mission Manual Vapor Mammoth Laser Electric Power Biofuel Generator 1 Map

Cave excavation and factory building

The reason why you want to check out the caves in the Avalanche Expedition in Icarus It is because we need 4 level combinations. Yes, this is another similar time consuming quest Payday Extract.

As mentioned earlier, G7 has three caves for you to explore, and a few others can be found in other areas. As usual, watch out for Cave worms and pneumonia. You can build a small shelter For starters, hollow or large rocks. Do this while you are only cultivating materials (eg lots of gold, steel, and aluminum for a factory).

Icrsrv Ms9 Avexp Gd 1

This is what you need:

  • Electronics (Level 3/Manufacturing bench)
    • 1x Refined Gold – Requires 2x gold ore and any type of furnace.
    • 3x Copper Ingot – Requires 2x Copper Ore and any type of furnace.
    • 2x Organic Resin – Requires 1x Wood and 1x Oxite; Made using a mortar and pestle.
    • 2x Epoxy – Requires 4x crushed bone or 2x sulfur and 4x tree sap; Made using a mortar and pestle.
    • A lot of electronics are needed for the remaining craft blueprints.
  • Fabricated (Tier 4 / Bench Fabrication)
    • 60x Electronics – discussed above.
    • 8x Alloy Steel – Requires 1x steel bloom; Made using a concrete kiln or an electric kiln.
    • 30x Steel Screw – Use the processing bench to turn 1x ingot steel into a 100x steel screw.
    • 40x aluminum ingots – requires 1x aluminum ore; Made using a concrete kiln or an electric kiln.
    • 30x Concrete Mix – Requires 8x Stone, 4x Silica and 1x Sap Tree; Made using a cement mixer.
      • Tree Sap – requires 4x stick; Made using a mortar and pestle.
      • Cement Mixer – Requires 50x wood, 40x stone, 20x iron ingot, 8x rope, and 8x iron nail; Manufactured using a mechanical seat.
    • 8x Carbon Fiber – Requires 1x carbon paste.
      • Carbon Putty – Requires 1x silica, 1x aluminum alloy, 4x organic resin, and 2x epoxy; Made using a mortar and pestle.

Icrsrv Ms9 Avexp Gd 2

steam laser

Anyway, our initial goal is to get to the F8/G8. Once you see the mountainside area that collapsed due to the avalanche, you will receive a target to find the Vapor Laser. This is located directly over a ridge in F7. You may need to build several ramps just to get to them (shown above).

After capturing the Vapor Laser, go back to the F8/G8 and “capture” it on the high rock formation chart. Beware of predators here as they seem to flock around this area. Anyway, you can’t activate the Vapor Laser yet because you still need power.

Icrsrv Ms9 Avexp Gd 3

biofuel generator

in our area Fuel and Grenade GuideWe discussed the basics of how to make biofuels Icarus. Here is the gist:

  • Biofuel canister (tier 3/manufacturing bench) – You only need one.
  • Biofuel Composter (Level 3/Manufacturing Bench) Can be placed outside the shelter. Add a can of biofuel, as well as large amounts of tree sap, wood, and sticks into the slots of the device. It may take several minutes to fill a can of biofuel.

Similarly, do not forget that you need a way to provide strength:

  • Biofuel Generator (Tier 4 / Manufacturer)
    • 12x Electronics
    • 8x Copper Alloy
    • 20x alloy steel
    • 20x steel screw
    • 2x glass – requires 1x silica; Made using a concrete kiln or an electric kiln.
  • Electrician Tool (Level 4 / Manufacturer)
    • 20x copper ingot
    • 8x pure gold
    • 4x carbon fiber

Icarus Avalanche Expedition Guide Vapor Laser Mammoth Electricty Power Biofuel Generator 1

biofuel generator in Icarus It is used to power high-tech devices such as the Vapor Laser. As you can see in the photo above, I placed it in a small shelter next to the Vapor Laser (leave one side open facing the alien gadget).

Next, set the power tool hotkey. With the Electricity Tool selected, left click on the Biofuel Generator to produce a thin wire. Then, left click on the Vapor Laser to connect the two bodies. You can add a wall with a window open to trick the game into thinking the biofuel generator is inside a shelter. Next, you can place the filled biofuel canister into the generator hatch.

Note 1: You can right-click on the wire to remove it (in case it malfunctions). However, it can be a little tricky even if the pointer is on the wire itself.

Note 2: You can build wooden ramps that allow you to climb on the rocks along the hillside. Doing so may come in handy, as you will find out soon enough.

Icarus Avalanche Expedition Guide Vapor Laser Mammoth Electricty Power Biofuel Generator 2

Eliminate the mammoth and complete the mission of the avalanche mission in Icarus

When ready, activate the Biofuel Generator and Steam Laser. Next, quickly run to the top of the rocks using the slopes I mentioned. The Vapor Laser will fire three bursts, destroying the rockslide.

However, this also causes three mammoths to spawn. These giant monsters will hit you and pack a punch. Fortunately, they will not be able to reach you if you are in a higher position, and you can easily snipe them with your bows or firearms.

Icarus Avalanche Expedition Guide Vapor Laser Mammoth Electricty Power Biofuel Generator 3

After killing the mammoth, go through the hatch. You are then asked to examine an area to the northeast (I7). Make your way to the designated location (you may encounter some wolves here and there).

Once you reach it, the target will be over. Run all the way to the ship in B4 to complete the Avalanche Expedition in Icarus.

Icarus Avalanche Expedition Guide Vapor Laser Mammoth Electricty Power Biofuel Generator 4

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