Best Call of Duty: Vanguard Gracey Auto Category

The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the Call of Duty: Vanguard It brought fans of the franchise back to World War II. Since the start of the game, you have not been lacking in content. at recent days , Pacific secrets The event has started, which lets you learn about what’s new war zone Map by completing a set of in-game challenges. Speaking of challenges, guns have solidified themselves as the most powerful weapons in multiplayer. The Gracey Auto rifle is no different, and by making use of all 10 attachment slots, you can build a more powerful class in forefront.

Gracey Auto is able to withstand the battlefield. Since the weapon thrives on getting up close and personal with your opponents, the rifle is suitable for smaller maps like Shipment, Das Haus, and others. This class will focus on improving a weapon’s firepower to make bullets more lethal. At the same time, accuracy will be taken into account to make using the gun much easier.

Call of Duty: Gracie Auto’s avant-garde rifle class

  • Muzzle: G28 compensator
  • Stock: CGC H4
  • Barrel: CGC 22 “fast
  • Underbarrel: SMLE Pistol Grip
  • Back Handle: Canvas Grip
  • Proficiency: Jung Ho
  • Journal: 12 Gauge 7 Round Cups
  • Kit: fully loaded
  • Ammunition type: Alloy
  • Optical: MK.8 reflector

To start, the G28 compensator will give you a boost to control recoil. Also, the CGC H4 Stock will greatly improve your target stability, recoil control, accuracy, and resistance to stroking. This comes in handy when paired with the 22-inch CGC Rapid Cylinder. This attachment increases your rate of fire, at the expense of your handling handling. However, the barrel will make your rifle hit more aggressively.

Then, the SMLE Pistol Grip will make up for some of the lost speed by increasing the enemy’s speed to firing speed, while allowing you to experience better accuracy of hip shooting. Another useful attachment is the Fabric Grip that focuses on having your target lower sight speed and run to shoot more quickly, and provide you with better hip-fire recoil recovery. Equipping Gung-ho Proficiency will allow you to shoot while running, so you can run and shoot with your rifle.

One shot, potentially fatal

In regards to the magazine, the accessory 12 Gauge 7 Round Mags is applicable for faster reloading and higher magazine ammo capacity acquisition. In addition, the Fully Loaded Kit will give you the maximum ammo to start, so you can eliminate multiple enemies without running out of bullets. To make sure your bullets really pack a punch, the Slug Ammo Type will turn your bullets into single shots with high stopping power.

to complete your forefront From the Gracey Auto class, the MK.8 reflector is a solid optics choice. You may find that the use of optics is unnatural in the hunting rifle category. However, the frameless sight has a 1.35x magnification which can come in handy for your accuracy when you are taking out enemies. although combat rifle Still one of the most popular options in the rifle class, don’t underestimate the Gracey Auto.

Vanguard Gracie Auto Class


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