Former Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell says ‘destroying’ Destiny’s music versions

In 2014, Bungie fired Halo and Destiny veteran Marty O’Donnell and ordered the return of assets related to his work at Saucepan, including Music of the Spheres, the “introductory music” he created with Paul McCartney. (O’Donnell was also asked to give up his shares in Bungie, which he reclaimed again in a court case in 2015).

Despite being legally banned from sharing or even performing music from Destiny and Music of the Spheres, O’Donnell uploaded music sketches and variations to YouTube and BandCamp, including an album called Sketches for MotS. This led to his conviction in contempt earlier this year and I was ordered to pay nearly $100,000 in legal fees to Bungie.


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