How to make a great RPG character

Whether you’re new to the traditional RPG world or an expert with pen and paper, knowing how to make a great RPG character is a valuable skill, and one that doesn’t come easy. Sitting down to make something out of nothing can be daunting, especially when you’re not sure where to start, and in theory, you could be literally anyone in an RPG. These are some of the tips, tricks, and guides I use in my own games to narrow down the options.

Everyone’s creative process is different, but what I find most helpful is to start by trying to pick a unique concept. Keep your ideas short and simple – capture every single descriptive sentence – and don’t limit yourself to finding the perfect one. Instead, every time you come up with one, jot it down. The goal here is to get a bunch of ideas to draw from (or combine!) as you go through the process and not get stuck finding one perfect idea. Here are some examples:

  • A young magic announcer who lacks confidence and confuses his spells.
  • The only child of a miserly teller who wants to escape, travel around the world and see the ocean.
  • The former leader of a street gang sets out to turn a new page on a larger stage.


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