Sherlock Holmes Chapter One — Guides and features hub

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One takes you to the island of Cordona. It’s where the young and yet-to-be-famous detective spent his formative years as a child. Unfortunately, a family tragedy caused him to leave. His return sparks interest, as he slowly grapples with his own shattered memories. Here’s our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One guides and features hub to help you with your adventures.

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One guides and features hub

Official review , Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is the ninth entry in a long-running franchise. It acts as a prologue, setting up the would-be detective’s identity and letting you know more about his background. There are several cases to solve and an even darker mystery to uncover. However, there are also a few issues, such as the poor usage of the choices and consequences theme, as well as a clunky combat system. But, is it still worth your while?

Campaign walkthrough – There are five main cases to solve in the campaign (one of which is a multi-stage quest that unlocks as you progress). Each investigation will likely take you a couple of hours to complete owing to the mechanics involved.

  • Intro: The Lost Cane and the campaign/narrative structure – This is the start of your journey.
  • Case: Ghosts of the Past – There’s a missing diamond and a murder.
  • A Mother’s Love – The Cemetery – You’ll recall Violet Holmes’ funeral.
  • Master of Disguise – It’s time to trick an old lady.
  • Shattered Memory: Stonewood Manor – Sherlock returns to his childhood home.
  • Case: The Gilded Cage – There’s an elephant in the room.
  • Shattered Memory: Mother’s Bedroom – You learn more about Violet’s affliction.
  • Case: The Muse from Abroad – There’s a painting of an atrocious act.
  • Shattered Memory: Display Room – We’ll check the Cabinet of Curiosities.
  • Case: Sacrifical Lamb – You’ll attend a pagan ritual. What could go wrong?
  • A Mother’s Love – Finale and Endings – It’s the point of no return.

Sidequests and additional tips

  • All Hidden Coin locations – 10 of these were hidden by Mycroft all over Cordona. Can you find all of them?
  • How to use disguises – Disguises are an integral part of the game. Can you fool people into giving you the information that you need?
  • Who is Jon? – Sherlock’s best friend in this game isnt the Watson that we know and remember. So, who is this fella?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is available via Steam,

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